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  • Utopia FFSE White 5.0.5 is available on the Author site.
  • If there could be a way to make it more compact, then 10 out of 10 !
  • As is true for all of your themes, it's innovative, stylish and very unique. I'm always delighted to see that you've updated your themes so they continue to be usable.

    You are, without fail, my favorite theme designer!
  • thankyou for a beautiful overall appearance for firefox. i was disappointed by the heavy-handed personas approach and was glad to find such an aesthetically pleasing contribution.

    i also use 'hide caption titlebar plus 2.7.3' which works very well especially with tabs underneath (as is my prefference anyway). i have tried disabling this regarding the grey tab bar issue, but no improvement, and wondering if it is an issue left by another uninstalled add-on or theme, as i have tried many recently.
  • Does anyone know why color tabs don't work with this Utopia FFSE White and the regular Utopia White theme? It used to work up to FF 19/20 but not anymore in FF 21/22. It just leaves all the tabs white, and even when I try to change an individual tab color it still stays white. And yes, I have the latest color tabs extension. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • A crisp, clean and professional looking theme for FX! Responsive and easy to use. Keep up your excellent theme development efforts! Thanks!
  • Thanks author, briliant theme ^.)!
  • A very flexible and easy-on-the-eyes color schemes available with one-touch setting panel.. Very delightful add on indeed
  • Very flexible, attractive, and quickly becoming a fav. I would like to see some refinement of the icons, and , to truly be Utopia, give the user selectable colors via an RGB table. An excellent start to the ultimate Utopian theme.
  • Beautiful, Elegant, Artful! -- Be sure to select your favorite toolbar background color from Tools > Add-Ons> Extensions > Utopia > Preferences.
  • This is the best theme ever, it is simple, cute and so bright. The text is readable and the colurs don't blind your eyes, and the little new tab star is the cutest ever! This is my favourite theme of all the themes available, I don't even want to use firefox if I don't have this theme, so thank you so much for updating it for Firefox 12~ It is so gorgeous~ ♥
  • Works like a charm with Firefox 12. Love this theme.
  • This is clear and uncluttered and I love the little fox logo. It is easy to see the buttons and read the writing which is very helpful for people like me with poor eyesight.
  • Beautiful theme that uses black and white and shades of gray in a very compact setting. For all those seeking minimalist, compact but also an elegant aspect for Firefox.
    Thank you!
  • Works great but the open new tabs on firefox is a little annoying
  • Un diseño sencillo y agradable.
    Gracias por compartirlo.
  • Очень красивая тема!
  • nice! i very like it
  • Самая удобная тема, которую я знаю. Можно даже сказать - лицо Firefox 4.x. Остальные темы лишь пытаются скопировать удобство Opera. Эта тема самодостаточна, в отличии от остальных.
  • Just love this one Utopia White Is the best I ever used
  • the cute fox in the corner is the whole reason i wanted it! don't take him out please! and the black fox one would be great. or pink fox even more.
  • Definitely the best theme I ever used on any browser. Thanks, awesome work !
  • I think this is the best theme I have used so far. I do have one request: Will it be possible to have the option of changing the scroll bars from dashes to continuous line shaded black or gray? The dashes take away from the simplicity and clarity. Great work.
  • ...I sure could do without the FireFox logo in the upper left.
    Well, then why aren't you simply using Utopia White (without FFSE), which is also available here on addons.mozilla.org?