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  • Wasn't able to create a stylesheet or import one.
  • It is actually useless because the UI is buggy. Unable to manage or create anything. I was looking for a Stylish alternative, this one was promising, but too bad.

    FF 52 x64, W10 x64.
  • Downloaded this to create and manage custom styles more easily and was pretty excited to find something with good reviews.

    Unfortunately the creating and editing of styles is impossible as the entire interface is broken, none of the buttons (save, preview, exit) work. Importing a style has the same effect, neither displays nor do any of the buttons works. I'm currently on Firefox 45.0.2. Should be marked as incompatible with current version as I see other reviews with the same problem, so it's not just me.
  • It's really awesome extension, but tx to mozilla it's no longer works to me since 2014 :(
  • New Style Feature in Mozilla opens a blank window with only ability to set style name. You cannot save, preview, OR exit!
  • Worked rather fine until Firefox updated to 44.0, the stylesheet editor doesn't work, neither on Windows nor on Ubuntu 14.04.3 (Current version 1.2, add-ons manager says "no updates available")

    The editor has/had some minor bugs (funny automatic indentation, an annoying color popup), but, hey, that was ok.

    The plugin helps a lot when creating a usercontent.css: edit the css, press preview, see the changes immediately without restarting Firefox. This is a great help.

    Please make the editor work again.

    Edit: Just to make that clear: User Style Manager was updated to 1.2 with latest change "Firefox 44+ compatibility", then Firefox updated to 44.0, and then the editor stopped to work.
  • Similar to Stylish, but way more lightweight.

    Developer response


    Sadly, Github does not send updates when new commits are added to existing PR. I will merge your PR and update the new version.

    Thanks for help!

  • I just wanted to use my style sheet on a site, like in old Opera and turn it off and on. I spent three hours and never could get this add on to do anything. I could not get my style sheet in the style sheet manager. I opened and saved in the style sheet manager but it never appeared.I couldn't figure how to do any of the things that the add on said it could do. Nothing worked.
  • Amazing extension that hopefully has not been abandoned by the developer.

    It has a unique and powerful feature set. Stylish is the obvious competitor, but this extension has a much better flow. Plus, this extension is about half the size of Stylish!

    Unfortunately, the bugs reported on github are really piling up, and no fixes have been released for well over a year.

    A generous four stars for now... Five stars when the bugs are fixed!
  • On the latest firefox, you can't edit or save any scripts, which makes the whole extension rather useless.
  • This is a great addon.
    But there is bug with the option.xul in version 1.1.1.
    Firefox is reporting "undefined entity" if the language set to "zh-CN".
    The reason is that the some xml entities (&sync....etc.) are missing in locale setting in "zh-CN" dir. I unzipped the xpi package and fixed this issue manually.
  • I wanted this to work on FF 29 so much. I even found a style that I really liked. I read your note to use 1.1.1 so I installed that. It took me to a page that says I was redirected to version 1.0

    In add ons, it does show as 1.1.1 but it still doesn't work in FF 29. Please update, this would be fantastic to have it work.
  • I've been using this as a replacement for Stylish for a few months now, and overall I'm pretty pleased. The autocomplete feature in the editor is handy, but gets rather frustrating at times, when it autocompletes things I just don't want to autocomplete.

    I absolutely loved the ability to enable or disable styles via a menu, but that functionality is broken in FF29. Would love to see it updated.

    Otherwise, fairly impressive Stylish replacement.
  • Please fix for Nightly.

    Developer response

    I have bumped compatibility versions. AMO site is broken. You can isntall it anyways.
  • using it with latest ff version.. works great.
  • 求更新
  • best style editor ! keep up the good work !a suggestion : show in the list only the styles related to the domain we're in to not have a huge popup

    edit : I have this strange bug : http://i.imgur.com/n1GZdM6l.jpg , I disabled all the styles to be sure it's not from them
  • There are too many bugs in this add-on, I'd say it's still in pre-alpha stage. Negative reviews get removed for some reason.

    Developer response

    Negative reviews get removed because they are actually against policy. Reviewing is not meant to report bugs or hate on the developers. I will keep this review live until you read this reply and understand everything. The fact that Stylish keeps on adding features is that Stylish is heavily monitized and they bundle stylish with n number of spam addons which are not even fully reviewed to earn money. This addon is not like that and moreover, there are no issues in the existing features. Just that development is stalled because I have a lot on my plate. But I don't understand this thing, do you do this with all addons ? Like the addon which you like, you use it, and all the others in the same category, you go and give 1 star and bad review to them ? This is an open source software, if you cannot help, then you do not have the right to whine about it.
  • With the addition of the features listed above, this would be, unquestionably, the definitive userstyle add-on. Unfortunately, it appears development has ceased. Too bad.

    Developer response

    It has not ceased, just stalled. I am just too much occupied in other important stuff. I am a single person, I have to prioritize things.
  • very very very nice

    Developer response

    Thanks :)
  • Could please make your tool work with code like
    "scrollbar thumb { background: #fff !important; }" ?
    And add the ability to backup the codes with firefox sync feature?
    Apart from that its a very useful addon that combines Stylish and Stylish custom and works even better.

    Developer response

    Done in version 1.0
  • EDIT:
    1. Yes, it works well on USM and in Stylish, but I forgot to say that you have to try it with Tabs Always In Titlebar extension : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/tabs-always-in-titlebar/.
    2. Hide the app button is that this style should do. The purpose of this style is shrink the app button as much as possible and make it transparent. If you click on left border of the first tab the app button menu should appear. It also reduces tab width.
    3. With "Tabs Always in Titlebar" installed, the "padding-left" property doesn´t appears to work well in USM, but yes with Stylish.
    - Many thanks for your time.......
    Great! but....
    1. Do you now why this style doesn´t works ell with USM?
    #main-window[tabsontop="true"][sizemode="normal"] #TabsToolbar {
    padding-left: 2px !important;
    I try the same code in Stylish and it works fine. I also try to use the "margin-left" property and it works well with USM and Stylsih, but at Firefox start, sometimes you have to wait a bit because USM takes some time on load. With "padding-left" in Stylish it doesn't happen.
    2. Here is the complete code: http://tinypaste.com/725778d0.
    If you can fix it, it would be appreciated.

    Developer response

    Hi, the code that you pasted here and also on the tinypaste, both work in both USM and Stylish, but there is something wrong with your styles, they are making the appmenu disappear. I don't exactly understand what you want to do with the styles.
  • Great addon, very clean interface and improved style editing and a superb text search... could be good to have the ability to enable/disable autocomplete and color picker for those not accustomed ... like me (LOL).
    Five stars!!!
    Thanks to the DEv.
    (Thanks for the reply!!!!)

    Developer response

    Yes, of-course. Thanks for the review :)
  • I hated stylish when they redid their UI in version 1 and integrated with the horrible xul addons menu. Infact, I changed the unique ID in stylish 0.59 so that Firefox wouldn't bug me with updating stylish to version 1. I stayed with Firefox 3.6 as long as I could because I'm not advance enough to make stylish 0.59 to be compatible with Firefox 4+. Now that I started using Aurora, I couldn't avoid the new stylish ui.

    But now that I just discovered this amazing stylish replacement, I will use this permanently. Even though it it's not compatible with the userscript.org website just yet. I'm sure the talented dev will figure it out eventually.

    And did I mention the editor in this addon is miles ahead of stylish's ancient non-color coded? USM has other freebees too, like image preview, color picker, etc.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the review :)
    Just wait one week, and userstyles.org support will be there. Or head straight to github channel for early preview of these features.

    PS: Until then , you can do show code on the userstyles page and then select the code and choose add text as user style from right click menu
  • edit: This became a five star add-on with all reasons for being four (and a half:)) star being fixed and improved with version 0.9. USM is the new Stylish: Thanks a lot to the developer:)
    This is a nice addon and a lightweight alternative to Stylish. Not quite there yet, but keeps getting better, very promising. Thank you:)
    In the latest version (v.0.8), the chevron of the toolbar icon (the little triangle to display options) is changed and put under the icon -- it was on the side of the icon. Please bring the old look back -chevron to the side- as the chevron adds an unnecessary height to the add-on toolbar (aka status bar) and also looks really bad - icon not being in line with the other icons, etc. Also, the toolbar icon constantly resets its location after firefox restarts.
    Thanks again :)

    Reply to the developer:
    Dear Developer, with your continuous support you are already a 5+ star developer :) the four stars were only for the extension as of v. 0.8, mainly due to the interface issues and as you pointed out aptly, better integration with userstyles.org - I find this add-on really promising and a better future replacement for stylish, as it seems it is aspiring to be as such, based on your comments. As it is, ths add-on is already very useful, and promise 5 stars once this ui issue is fixed (this is not an accessibility issue though, I love to see the addons I like and that have nice icons on the toolbar if I can). For the add-on toolbar issue, however, I think it is more likely to be caused by one of your other excellent add-ons (location bar enhancer), sorry for confusing it here - I made a mention here now just FYI.

    Developer response

    You can try the version 0.9 for userstyles.org integration and the toolbar button icon fixed. As for the button's position being reset, then it might happen if you have any other restartless add-ons icon as the previous/next sibling to this icon. So you should not keep 2 restartless customizable toolbar buttons side by side as they both rely on their next sibling, and when the first restartless add-on is being enabled upon browser start, the next sibling is not available.
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