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  • Thanks for your help. Please support for my Internet.

  • gfhjjkkk

  • 很不错得插件,可以方便模拟手机

  • Not compatible with quantum

  • Not compatible with Firefox Quantum

  • i like this

  • goog

  • super

  • Great extension. Thanks! I would really appreciate to see a Quantum-compatible version in the future. For the time being, I've switched to Firefox ESR, but it's only a valid solution for few months...

  • Best add on

  • wow

  • bien

  • good

  • Works very well. It also works with Pale Moon. It would be a good idea to send it to the Pale Moon extensions site as well.

  • hese

  • good

  • Fire Fox Quantum57.0ver Please give me correspondence.

    Developer response

    My focus until now has been on my other extension, Web Developer. I do hope to work on User Agent Switcher, but it will require essentially being rewritten from scratch so I’m not sure when I am going to have the time to work on it honestly.

  • FF57+?

  • ilhihi

  • goood

  • good

  • good

  • I've been using this for a long time and hope it will be ported to webextension some day. Currently does not support multiprocess, but still a great add-on.

  • it may or may not work properly .. didn't test only installed so I could see if there was an option to selectively switch UA on specific sites.

    For the record, I'm looking to do this for any google entity so that I can block their f**ked up new sign in page. They use the agent string as one of the keys for presenting their latest "new" login page, which permanently associates the login rather than let the user select or not, the "remember me" check box.

    If you add this feature (auto-spoof list or auto-switch based on host/domain) in the future, please send an update my way and I'll install and update a review then.

  • Great way to change what you see from web servers