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45 reviews for this add-on
  • Useful and i think the only one that display a graphical webbrowser icon. I am using with success in FirefoxF52/Basilisk55/Waterfox56

  • Non compatibile con QUANTUM

  • Не работает с андроид версией

  • Excellent add-on!!! Please update to the new Firefox 57+ technology.

  • Можно имитировать и мобильный браузер ;-)

  • It isn't clear if the SO/Browser I chose was set only for the domain specified on the extension's box or not... It could have an preferences box, and the drop-down box should work only for the active tab.

  • Just when I thought it couldn't get any better! it actually DID! 10+ Stars for this one
    Touch the boxes for OS/Browser choices you want without without going through a painful list, or typing your string! NO-RESTART

  • wxvuitrfdsfgyuhjik dfghjklm

  • Genius! I hadn't seen enything so rich for a brawser!!! - I'll keep in mind.

  • Molto buona

  • 今まで使っていたUser Agent が使いづらくなったので乗り換え。

  • The cool part is that it is more visual than the other extensions. No more big list, just selecting visually the browser and the OS. I wish to be able to select the version number the same way, it would make it totally perfect.

  • Could not ask for more

  • Will this allow the browser to report it is another Version Number than what is installed ? Say I have 47.0.2 and a site says it need V52 .. Can this make the site think it is seeing V52 ? ?

  • Muito, bom essa extensão!
    Parabéns ao desenvolvedor, funciona mesmo.
    Era exatamente o que eu precisava.

  • As netflix still didn't whitelisted firefox linux as valid platform, i use this to set the domains,,, to a recent chrome linux version, so widevine can be requested by netflix. The great thing about this add-on is that will only switch the user-agent for the listed sites, making everything else cleaner

  • Installed, attempted to set a user agent or view/edit my current user agent, neither one worked. No UI feedback to indicate why it wasn't working, no error messages.

  • Depending on CPU perhaps. I'd say it loads a few seconds [1 to 5 est], to long. But after that it should work. Another thing to mention is I think it should reload a page after a user agent switches. But that's just my idea.

    Great addon.

  • Works fine

  • working nice

  • This appears to be the best addon of its kind. For those having issues with it, specially when it comes to customize the user agent string, I recommend to check the addon's website.

  • This addon was very useful for but it stop working in latest firefox! I hope for a fix very soooon

  • Отлично! Всё работает

  • Plugin does not support defining custom User Agent strings without modification of existing ones. Lame.

  • 不需要自我设置,适合小白用户使用,谢谢。

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