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Nice addon. I have a request tho, please stop the timer when the the user is idle, I mean when I'm sleeping it is still running.

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Add a feature to alert me when I've spent too much time on blacklisted (or non-white listed) sites and this application will change my life... literally. Maybe have it automatically close firefox when too many "too much time" notifications go ignored.

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does it tracks subdomains? like is I'm in google.se instead of com, or I'm tracking www.domain.com and Im in sub.domain.com, does it track it? if not, it should, would by greate if one could add *.domain.*

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nifty Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Ach you know, its one of them things that arent that important, but then the numbers soon add up and you realise which sites you really should spend less time on.. That doesn't include google ;)