Two more questions Rated 5 out of 5 stars

oh and i have 2 more questions now that i noticed it: it possible for the notification balloons to be displayed somewhere else instead above the entirle firefox toolbar? it is a bit annoying and intrusive while you are working with your browser and you are clicking toolbar buttons very quickly.
ie i click Shorten Url and then immediately i want to click the Unmht button to save the page while Shorten is shortening the url.i dont want to have to wait for the notification message on the urlbar to disappear to click the Unmht button. it possible that when we enable the automatic copy of the shortened url that the shortened url does not also replace the normal url adress of the site in the bar? i say this because sometimes for instance you have a youtube url and you want to copy/paste its shortened url in live messenger so that it does not auto-load it in the window.but then you want to also post the tube video in a forum and you need the normal full you are forced to reload the page so that you can get the normal url because the Shorten Url has already replace it in the urlbar with its shortened url.

these are some small nitpicks but on the whole this addons rulez.

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