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  • add on helps to see real url behind link before clicking , really very useful. but now not compatible in ff57. Moving to web extensions -will it be good or bad for firefox browser
  • This addon works perfect in Waterfox, unfortunately it is not compatible with FF57 +++. I tried the URL Tooltip E10 and it was not compatible with the newer Firefox, and when I installed it on Waterfox it just DIDN't work the same as YOUR add-on. Many of the links had no tooltip. Could you please update your add-on to WebExtension if possible?
  • As of 1 December 2016, notwithstanding issues with e10s, this Extension is the most consistent of the URL tooltip options for Ubuntu® 14.04.5-LTS, 16.04.1-LTS, 16.10, and 16.12a1, all of which force a single-process environment due to a dependency on the Package xul-ext-ubufox 3.2. (The AjiTae Extension URL Tooltip e10s is inconsistent in all currently-supported releases of Ubuntu® but works as advertised in Microsoft® Windows® 10 Build 1607 10.0.14393.451; presumed as operable in Apple® Mac OS® X™ 10.9 and non-Debian LinUX distros.)
  • Great! For the Future: hoping for a version compatible to multiprocess FF (e10s)...
    Thanks! It looks like someone else has already created an e10s compatible implementation if you want to give it a try:


    Hope it works for you :)
  • hope a e10s compatible version...
    It looks like someone else has already created an e10s compatible implementation if you want to give it a try:


    Hope it works for you :)
  • been using this add-on for a long time and i appreciate the developers work - would be great however if it also displayed the link target URI rather than using the default FF method
  • the addon is perfectly working as advertised!
    Show target url path and also standard alt text (if available)

    The only downtime is, that the information need more time to appear in tooltip than in the original place (bottom left in browser window: less information but nearly instant)
    => are there any ideas how to make them appear instantly without any delay?

    Did already look into about:config but couldn't achieve great progress..

    idea: make setting to wrap long urls default (other ways it look's "not perfect" if urls were cut)

    FF43, windows 10, fast computer
  • Mozilla が、“ Cybersecurity 対策 ” の推奨品に挙げている addon です。

    Mozilla からの(e-mail)会報 : December 2015 “Today’s dreams, tomorrow’s Web”
    (Cybersecurity > Firefox Add-ons > These add-ons will help you identify what you’re clicking before you click: > URL Tooltip — displays the destination of a link when hovering over it )で、この addon の存在を知りました。

    Hyper - Link (リンク)上に、「マウスポインタ」を hovering している間、 “URL” がポップアップ表示されます。
    “URL の詳細を視認可” できるので、(危険が伴う Click の)安全対策に効果的です。
    Firefox の default 機能では、Display 下部(Bottom)に同様の表示が出現しますが、この addon を使用すれば “ マウスポインタの脇 ” に、ポップアップ表示が出現するので、視認性が良く、うっかり見落としを防止できます。

    ※ポップアップ表示には、 1 ~ 2 秒程度のタイムラグ(time-lag)があります。
  • I hate having to look down the screen to see where I'm being redirected to from a link. This is a really nice extension which in my opinion should be default behavior.
  • We need apply a "per site list"... a white or black list.

    Sometimes I use this addon on a few sites, but sometimes I use it on the most of the sites.
  • An essential add-on for efficient browsing that appears to be abandoned. Fix for "null" showing up when hovering over a link that doesn't have a title in newer versions of Firefox:

    1. Right click on "+ Add to Firefox" and select "Save Link As..."

    2. Save the .xpi file

    3. Change the .xpi extension to .zip

    4. Extract the zip

    5. "url_tooltip-1.2.1-fx" -> "chrome" -> "url-tooltip" -> "content"

    6. In "content," double-click "browser.xbl"

    7. Click the radio button for "Select a program from a list of installed programs"

    8. Click "OK"

    9. Select Notepad

    10. Click "OK"

    11. "Ctrl f"

    12. Find "null"

    13. Replace all instances of "null" with quotes like this: ""

    14. Save and close

    15. Select all the folders in "url_tooltip-1.2.1-fx"

    16. Right click on one of them

    17. "Send to" -> "Compressed (zipped) folder"

    18. Change ".zip" extension to ".xpi"

    19. Drag new .xpi file onto your Firefox

    20. Click "Install Now"

    21. Restart Firefox
  • For Fx 14+, it might need a little bit pickup:

    1. as Foxtail said below, to turnoff the boring Fx built-in link tooltip, adding the declaration in userChrome.css:

    #statusbar-display {display:none !important;}

    2. some CSS prefix -moz- no longer support by Fx 14+, Pls fix it!

    THX for your NICE job!
  • Hi, this addon is really great and very useful for me! May I ask you for some additional functions? It would be nice to see in the tooltip if the link, that the pointer is hovering over, leads to an external site and if it will open in a new window (or tab).
  • I've been trying to find a way to view full URLs now that the status text truncates them and this is perfect. I often need to see full URLs when I'm developing a page and this method is nice as it puts the relevant data right at my cursor where I'm already looking. Yes, as some other reviewers have said there is some room for customization but I think it would just be icing.
  • virüslü siteler icin mükemmel bir kilit acici, artik kimse görünen adreslerle sizi kandiramiycak bundan sonra firefoxda ilk besin arasinda olucak eklentilerimde süper eline saglik
  • don't know what other users mean by "delay". can't figure out such a delay. it pops up immediately and worx as advertised and as it should - perfect.
    thank you, developer!
  • It's been a long time that I searched a tool that can display a full url without viewing at the bottom of the page. I like to see the url before clicking... it tells a lot!
  • Great add-on, I definitely like the idea! One thing that I find somewhat annoying, is the delay of it.

    An option to change the delay, would pretty essential I'd say!
  • Very useful, works very good, but is not as fast as this new floating toolbar, part of standard Firefox, that now displays links url's on page's bottom, even in full-screen. Which, I'm sorry, leads me to first have a look at that toolbar, instead of waiting for these URL tooltips to appear.
  • Works nicely, but the built-in link target tooltip is bothering from there on.
    There is a very simple line either to add to your userchrome.css or to run via a Stylish script (at: http://userstyles.org/styles/46045/firefox-4-hide-url-tooltip-popup-status-panel )

    That is: statuspanel { display: none !important; }

    Both 'Url Tooltip' and that script here on Firefox 5.01/Windows XP SP3
  • Essencial addon =)
  • This addon is so useful, this feature should be added to the firefox 4 default configuration! Thank you Tim Tate ;-)
  • It would be nice if it could disappear after defined time or some transparency.
  • This makes Firefox 4.0 usable, thank you!
  • Useful addon, but, unfortunately, with no unicode support (try on non-latin alphabet Wikipedia pages).