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  • Please make this a web extension !
  • Like others, this has been a workhorse extension for me for the last six years or so, but unfortunately has now been broken by Mozilla's continuous 'upgrades' of Firefox. I'm now using nURL Suffix, helpfully recommended by d2nielulm2n below.
  • For now, this add-on (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/nurl-suffix/) works as expected
  • I too appreciated this add-on when it worked. But it's pretty easy to replace. Just install a macro program--I use PhraseExpress; it's free for non-commercial use. Then create an easy macro, and if you like tell PhraseExpress to restrict its use to Firefox. With URL Suffix disabled, Ctrl+Enter will work anyway for the Enter suffix. For the Org suffix, the macro in my installation of PhraseExpress is .org followed by #ENTER. Phrase Express lets you select your own hotkey. (My version of PhraseExpress is not current, but I think the above will work regardless. If not, just follow the documentation.)
  • Like the other recent reviewers, I've found this fab add-on has been broken by changes in firefox 50.

    Such a shame. I've had this literally for years.

    Mozilla had been faffing around with ALT+ENTER behaviour (which I'd allocated to adding the .co.uk suffix) for a while, which caused issues with this add-on's behaviour (it opened a new tab, though the suffix still worked).

    Now, Mozilla have clearly done something more radical.

    I hope the author can find the time to update it.

    I've given it 5 stars, despite it not working, simply to thank the dev for producing such a functionally useful add-on.
  • Selecting URL from history doesn't take you to the address. And hitting enter in the location box doesn't take you to address.

    I'm a long time user. Rating is for working version.
  • This add on was fantastic, and saved me a ton of time each day. However, it looks like 50.0 stable just rolled out and broke the extension entirely. Had to disable. Iccarus, if you do decide to fix it (I really hope that you do), I'll definitely be back using it. Thanks for all of the time saved over the years!
  • After FF50.0b1 the address input and the CTRL key no longer work if the URL Suffix is enabled - disabling allows the CMD key and address input to work again.
    Disappointed as using the functionality for years.
    I was going to have a look at fixing it but unfortunately Mozilla has made it overly cumbersome for me to maintain this add-on with their mandatory signing. I do not know when I will get around to fixing it, maybe when the stable version is released.
  • Between Firefox 50b1 and 50b2 something changend that breaks extension
  • breaks browser.urlbar.autoFill (sets it to false in prefs.js)
  • Still works perfectly in ff45.
  • I'm using Cyberfox (Firefox x64). Until now URL Suffix workwd fine but with new version (31) ENTER Key doesn't work, and any other combination (ctrl+ENTRE, SHIFT+ENTER).
    Disabling complement ENTER Key works again.
    Are you using version 0.8.0 of the addon? I am using firefox 31 myself had the same problems with the previous version, but with 0.8.0 it worked again.
  • Sorry, of course if i turn off "URL suffix" add-on ENTER key now working right!!
    I assume you mean firefox 31? In which case version 0.8.0 should have fixed that, since they changed the way the url was passed to and received from the urlsuffix code (Just like with the FF25 update).
  • Any xxx-Enter combination in address line do nothing.

    UPDATE: Now all is ok!
    Version 0.8.0 should fix that.
  • I tried reseting my nightly and installing the addon again but the error is still there.. When I press the enter, Nightly won't do anything. The error was fixed when I disabled the addon... Please fix this as this is my favorite addon.
    Version 0.8.0 should fix that.
  • When using the "enter" interaction do not insert the suffix/prefix if there are blank spaces or domains extensions:

    Currently (pressing enter)
    "helloworld" => "www.helloworld.com"
    "hello world" => "www.hello world.com"
    "helloworld.com" => "www.helloworld.com.com"
    "helloworld.ca" => "www.helloworld.ca.com"
    "helloworld" => "www.helloworld.com"
    "hello world" => "hello world"
    "helloworld.com" => "helloworld.com"
    "helloworld.ca" => "helloworld.ca"

    The suffixes (.ca .mx .co etc.) could be added by the user in a single format: "ca,co.uk,mx"

    I hate to use ctr, alt
  • I got this because I was fed up of having to type out .co.uk.
    Works like a charm!
    Thanks for updating it to work on FF25 too.
    Twas only a few days it stopped working for, but that was enough to make me realise how much I value this add-on.
  • Oops, and suddenly it works again.OSX Mavericks. THANK YOU.I am addicted to this tool since many moons.
  • Thank you so much for updating this addon. However, version 0.7.0 creates another issue: After installing the latest version of URL Suffix Firefox ignores the "Keywords" you can add to different search engines. Please look into this and try to fix it.And for everyone who follows the URL from the review below and does not understand slovak: Exchange the "sk" in the URL with a "en".Thank you for version 0.7.1! :-D
    I've uploaded another version that should fix the keyword search issue. So I'm at the back of the review queue again. It should be online for everyone once Mozilla approves it (I'll take a guess and say approximately 1 week).
  • You can download the new version here : https://addons.mozilla.org/sk/firefox/addon/url-suffix/versions/?page=1#version-0.7.0
  • Not working with FF25!!!
    Please new version. Is it possible?
    Looking into getting it working again.
  • Great add-on, but it can not work on FF25b1, can author fix it??
    Its been a while, but I'll try and fix it.
  • Great add-on, but it can not work on FF25b1, can author fix it??
  • Great add-on, too bad it doesn't work anymore in Firefox Nightly (64 bit), it breaks the address bar.
  • 功能非常全面、方便的好扩展!