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Doesn't do anything. I was expecting it to be a drop down in the address bar for .com, .net, .co.uk etc, but it doesn't do that. Aparently uses shortcuts, but I tried a few and nothing happened. I have tab mix plus, maybe that's also my problem with this.

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Works fine...

It does that same thing its been doing since it was made, I use tab mix plus myself and it works fine together with it. The extension only allows you to customize what will be used for url completion when typing and pressing a key combination.

To be precise: you type in "google" and press ctrl-enter. Then "www." is added in front of what you typed, and ".com" is added behind what you typed. In the extension's options you can change what will be added in front of and behind what you typed. You can do this for multiple key combinations. That's all that this extension is supposed to do.