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  • ok
  • What is about Quantum? Any update planned?
  • Love the API function. Works a treat with Bitly. Fantastic time saving add-on.
  • I've been using URL Shrink Easy for a while now...superb! But lately some functions seem to have stopped working. A small notifier used to show that I had successfully copied the link - that doesn't happen now. I have to check each time to make sure I have the right one before posting it. That's disappointing and a real time waster.
  • Works great!!!
  • I just updated firefox to 6.0 and URL Shrink Easy works perfectly.
    5-stars for such an amazing addon.
  • Unfortunately it doesnt work with FF5,even with disabled compatibility check.
    I hope for an upcoming update addressing this.
  • Doesn't work with firefox5... please update this add-on to support firefox5.
    Thanks in advance...
  • This add on no longer works nor does it show up in the right mouse click menu.
  • This URL Shortener works perfectly! I'm amazed! Very quick 'cause all you have to do is click that icon to copy it to your clipboard. Much better than many other similiar add-ons!
  • This URL Shortener works perfectly! I'm amazed! Very quick 'cause all you have to do is click that icon to copy it to your clipboard. Much better than many other similiar add-ons!
  • Excellent extension -- would be ever more awesome with j.mp support. :)
  • Nice Addon. Could you add j.mp support?
  • I did manage to track down developer's email address using a link at top of this web page and sent him an email stating the problem I was having. That was 24 hours ago but no reply yet. If you wish to contact him, his email address is: - webmaster@telekawaru.com
  • I've just opened this prog for the 1st time and having same problem as Eric stated on Feb 1st 2010.
    I couldn't find where to contact TeleKawaru so I hope he reads these reviews often.
    Can't rate it as I can't use it.
  • Really love this, but having a problem: It suddenly isn't working properly. The Shrink Easy stuff is no longer showing up in the context menu, and when I hit the Shrink Easy button in the address bar, it often grabs the URL from a different Firefox window that I have open. Help? (I know this isn't for bug reports, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to contact the developer.)
  • Excellent add-on. I wish it worked also on FF 3.6
  • Works great. I wish there were a context menu entry or keyboard shortcut for it, though.
  • Great addon - works perfectly (after you restart FF with your API in place)
  • Great idea, was about to post that I was still getting a 203 error, but it's working now!
  • i love the convenience of this add-on, having the button right in the address bar is great and exactly what i wanted.

    however, i do not like the context menu options, specifically how the shrink options are added to the top of the context menu, above "Open in new tab", so i end up clicking on the wrong option a lot now.

    An option to add this more towards the bottom of the context menu would make this add-on perfect.
  • This is the best URL Shortener - especially for BIT.ly Links!

    To get it linked with your bit.ly Account you just need an API Key - can be found at: http://bit.ly/account/your_api_key

    -> So you can allways overview all your generated links with the traffic they made!

    Don't need the context menu function because there are 2 Icons to shorten the link (adress bar, status bar)

  • Aaw nice, exactly what i was looking for! I like that it uses only little space by putting itself in the adress bar (where it belongs IMHO). Otherwise works as promised ;)

    @Tha_Duck: simply restart FF after setting your API Login
  • Sounds good in theory, but unusable since the context menu item doesn't appear.
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