open URLs with external applications Rated 5 out of 5 stars

URL Relay is a Firefox addon for associating certain URLs with external applications. If you click on a URL that matches a user defined pattern the addon starts the associated external application and supplies the URL as first argument.This is different from the builtin Firefox feature under Edit/Preferences/Applications. With that you can only instruct Firefox to download a file of a certain mime-time completely to a temporary local location which is then supplied to an external application.Possible use cases for URL relay are for example URLs of audio/video streams, playlists or bittorent URLs. All cases where you really want to directly open that URL with an external application (think: media player like VLC, download manager, scripts or a bittorent remote control app).The addon works fine. The configuration of patterns for matching URLs is quite flexible.Currently, afaik, there is no other addon that provides similar features. But there are several feature-request bug reports on Firefox for such a functionality which are open for up to a decade.Some currently missing bonus features that would make this addon even more awesome: Give some (visual) feedback when a URL is clicked and URL Relay executes an external app. Also an indication of the exit status of the external app would be great.