Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Works as advertised, with one single - but for me major - annoyance.
It is impossible to turn off redirect suppression, making this extension all but useless for sites like http://www.houzz.com, where incrementing/decrementing the flipping portion always causes a redirect. But as only the very last part of the URL (after the flipping portion) is changed with this redirect it shouldn't need to be suppressed.

If a redirect results in a substantial change in a URL, the new URL will not longer be a "recognized" URL, which poses problems of its own (an even greater one, IMO). I may consider improvements in the URL pattern matching heuristics that would allow for an easing of the redirect suppression. Anyway, could you please e-mail me at kliu@code.kliu.org? Perhaps if I had a better understanding of your specific usage patterns, some improvements could be made.