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  • The WE version is no match for the previous XUL version: there's no pop-up menu for fast skipping to any website level. I've reverted to the previous version while Firefox 52 ESR is still supported.

    Edit: I've migrated to Navigate Up WE which works beautifully.
  • When I tried going to the homepage for this add-on
    "Your connection is not secure"
  • Très pratique pour revenir en arrière dans le chemin d'un URL
  • This should be an essential feature in all browsers. Brilliant idea... Cheers!
  • Use it almost daily! You'll find yourself using it in ways you never planned..
  • I use this in Pale Moon 27 as well as Firefox 52, and it works great. It is especially handy when I have my address bar hidden (which I tend to do in PM 27). It really makes navigating through levels of a website so much easier!
  • Olympic gold medal for this add-on. Works always perfect.
  • Used Uppity for 8 years or more.

    Without Uppity the browser can only go back and forward in time (history). With Uppity we can travel up the URL path from where we are in a site to wherever the page URL will let us move up to.

    I install Uppity in every Firefox browser I install and configure. Had no problems with the Uppity and no issues with moving the icon/button around the Firefox toolbar.

    Thank you!
  • Отдал предпочтение Navigate Up 2.2... Хотя как отдельная кнопка мне больше нравится!
  • A sine qua non!

    It's one of my favourites, for the following reasons:
    - It's useful, simple (does one thing and does it well!) and unobtrusive -- beautiful!
    - Adds some Konqueror (KDE's default web browser) behaviour to Firefox: transplants a good idea of one piece of (Open Source) software to another
    - It can be controlled using the keyboard, as well as the mouse
    - It seems to be compatible with all future versions of Firefox (!)
    - It has a nice icon -- as well as an inspired name!

    It would be nice to have it in the context menu as well...
  • It's just a little more useful than Parent Folder, sans favicons.
  • Thanks for a very useful addon!
    Seems to work fine with FF 6.0, no probs at all so far.
  • Just hacked the em:maxVersion in install.rdf in the .xpi (zip) file, added the button back and it's working perfectly.
    Agree with the other reviewers: should be built in, icon style should match, https -> http, keyboard shortcut, (but don't add www - see no-www.org).
  • should be built in firefox just like smart stop reload
  • Please make the icon on the toolbar black just like other Firefox 4 buttons.
  • Works flawlessly & does more than rivals. Its swooshing arrow is just different enough to remind me that it has more functions than the regular up-directory arrows in most file managers & dialogs do here in Linux. (Okay, and I'm very glad it doesn't look like it was plucked from another OS altogether!)
  • I wouldn't want to use firefox without it! If it would fit to the other arrow icons in size and style it would be perfect.
  • A great extension for moving up hackable urls. Interface is perfect for the task.
  • Still needed, still working.
    One request, I need the option to 'up' from https://... to http://....
  • One of my must-haves firefox addons
  • I was looking for exactly this. One thing though: could you add support for defining a custom keyboard shortcut? I'd like to use the same shortcut I'm used to in Finder (cmd+up).
  • Simple but powerful!
  • Always wanted this one! Good job.

    A simple suggestion would be enable the Alt + Down combination to go back. So I can quickly go up(to check whats up) and then go down without getting confused with directions.

    This is a must for web developers, wamp users, etc
  • Thanks a lot for this addon. It's very useful and is my favorite!!
  • This is a great extension for easily navigating deep web sites. It tries to be two things at once by adding google cache and internet archive links (as there can be many alternatives to these and the extension does not have an option to add more) but this does not reduce its righteously earned 5-star rating. Actually I use both the navigation and cache/archive features of this extension.
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