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Hey there is a way to modify this extension in order to work with Firefox 3.5. Here's how (fairly easy):

* Open the XPI file. This can be done with one of the following methods.

1. Rename the XPI file to add a ".ZIP" file extension. This often requires enabling the viewing of file extensions in your Windows preferences by removing the check in the box next to the "Hide extensions for known file types" option under Tools > Folder Options > View tab. The Windows default hides the true file extensions for all known file types which prevents using this method.

2. Associate the .XPI extension with your favorite ZIP file compression utility and open the file. Make sure you use a ZIP file compression utility that supports ZIP files without the .ZIP extension.

* Edit the INSTALL.RDF file. This is a text file.

1. If your ZIP file compression utility allows direct editing of files inside the ZIP, skip to the next step.

2. If your ZIP file compression utility does not allow direct editing of files inside the ZIP, you will need to extract this file, edit it with a standard text editor like Notepad and add it back to the XPI file replacing the original.

* Inside the INSTALL.RDF file, look for the line that starts with "". If there is more than one, look for the one that follows the ending with "7384" (this is Firefox). Change the "" number to "3.5.*" and save the file. See the example below. It is important not to change any other numbers so when the author releases a new version you will be able to download and install it through the normal update process.

* Update the XPI file with your new edit, rename it back to have the .XPI file extension if needed and you are ready to install.



To install a local XPI file, simply drag your custom XPI file to any open Firefox window and accept the install.

That's it. :)