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  • Nothing happened on the install. No change. Firefox 19.0, Windows 7.
  • This v0.4 Works great in FF4.0.1 (in Win7 and in Ubuntu Natty 11.04 Final),
    but only updates the Favicon' status of unread emails if I leave gmail's tab on the Priority/Inbox page.
    +1 for bigger number at Favicon!!!
    +1 for allow user to specify a sound file to be played when favicon icon change to unread mail icon.
    BTW, "new tweets 0.2" is working quite fine!!!
    Thanks for your works Brandon, hope you consider a bigger number at Favicons. Thanks in advance.
  • It works for me in 4.0 but the number display is too small. Gmail labs version is easier to read. Why not make it as big as the whole favicon?
  • Seems to work ok but it register hits from Inbox, would be nice to
    be able to get the Priority Inbox instead :)
    I live in that one
  • I have Gmail pinned. New emails lights up the icon. Multiply new emails however does show up with numbers as pictured above. I do like how this install does not require a restart
  • it did not work
  • Looks like multiple accounts confuse this thingy. Too bad, it has a nicer interface than the Google Labs equiv.
  • No me funciono, incluso con el lab de Gmail habilitado. De todas maneras, unos puntos por la intencion : )
  • This unfortunately works only if the GMail Labs "Hide Unread Counts" is *not* enabled. While this might seem obvious, even with "Hide Unread Counts" enabled, the number of unread messages in the Inbox will *still* display on the Title Bar (even though it no longer displays in the GMail sidebar). Since the data is obviously still available, the issue becomes where the addon is obtaining its data. I hope this can be fixed. Great idea. If it worked with "Hide Unread Counts" enabled, I would give it 5 stars. I give it 3 stars for concept.
  • Gmail has a labs function that does the same thing.
    3 stars for the effort though.
  • Gmail has brought this in labs.
  • Great idea but it not working on FF 3.6.12 WinXP. No errors just failure to display.
  • Great addon, thanks!

    Needs updating to work with beta 7.
  • Great addon and it's really awesome with FF4 app tab but I have a few suggestions to make it even better:
    1. Implement a simple GUI options so you don't have to go to about:config to change those few settings that are changeable .
    2. Allow an option for playing a sound as an additional notification.
    Feeling really ambitious?
    3. If you implement 1 and 2 allow the user to specify a sound file to be played.
  • This addon fulfilled my biggest wish when I learned how awesome Firefox 4's app tabs could be. I wish you'd make a Twitter.com favicon addon too!
  • Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:2.0b7pre) Gecko/20100918 Firefox/4.0b7pre
    Not working. Have an idea? All another addons will turn off, but nothing changed
  • A simple add-on, and does just what I want it to, apart from the fact that it doesn't work with GMail's new Priority Inbox setting. It actually shows the unread counts of the Priority Inbox, but not the normal Inbox. Then again, when I switched the first section of GMail to show all unread messages (regardless of the priority), one shows in both sections, and simply adding the Priority ones to normal Inbox ones would make one message count as double. Experiment if you want, I'm happy with my current settings and the addon!
  • I like the idea, however it's incompatible with my gmail powered university adress. The add-on prevents it from loading for some reason.

    Works fine with my regular gmail.
    Yes, the add-on is written only to work on the domain mail.google.com.
  • تنزيل على الجوال رائع وممتاز
  • Really useful, as TRW mentioned, I would love to have this feature also for Google Reader.
    Thanks for the feedback. Version 0.3 (yet to be reviewed) has support for Google Reader:
  • Can't you make an extension that does this on more sites? I'm sure this would also work for Facebook and other sites if done properly.
    https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=577096 is aimed at creating a general way for sites to do this through JavaScript. The scope of this Jetpack will probably stop at Gmail and Google Reader.
  • Wonderful idea, wished it had worked in my Firefox 3.6.8. Had no effect at all.
    I have definitely tested it with Firefox 3.6.8 (and the Firefox 4 betas) and it works on all. Try refreshing the tab (making sure you have unreads) and tell me if your favicon is updated.
  • @ Bumpy,
    You need Firefox 4 beta to have this little tab. See this page for more details: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/beta/features/#feature-apps-tab
  • Hello all, could someone tell me how to have a little tab like in the screenshot. Thanks
  • useful add


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