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  • Fixing a problem that should not have ever been one.
  • This is part of the world I was promised as a child. There should be no paywalls to research that is even fractionally subsidized by the common wealth.
  • Well, be honest... We all think that research, most likely paid for by research(ers) institutions, should be available to research(ers) institutions. And yes, I too signed over my copyright in the past, and was forced to pay for my own publications. Decades ago nobody gave it a second thought. Nowadays that changes luckily. Albeit slowly. So with that in mind, I love the idea behind this addon. But I removed it again. It doesn't function without javascript, which is a PITA. Even before reviewing the fact discussed here that it changes page code... So, as somebody else here already mentioned, perhaps better to search whereisscihubnow...
  • The internet started with scientists wanting to share information internationally. Unpaywall returns internet archived scientific research to that desireable state.

    Thank you.
  • This is a fantastic extension. I strongly recommend it to anyone that wants to find open, easy-to-access versions of papers, while also doing the right thing be encouraging easy, legal access.
  • Super useful, does exactly what it says
  • good