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  • This is a useful simple to use add-on that can be great if you are sent or have an MHT file of a website. It is a shame Firefox does not have native support for MHT files, however there is a Bug for it here https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18764

  • An excellent add-on. Works well with the "antipagination" extension, to archive web data. Some forums and such can be tedious to save otherwise. Antipagination lines them up, and UnMHT mows them down.

  • Este era el complemento que tanto nesecitaba, esta muy bueno, veo que es el unico de este tipo. gracias.

  • Thank you very much. :) Always wanted this.

  • Had a Lecturer in Uni who had the strange opinion that locking everyone to windows and IE made it easier for us to read his notes online...


  • Like previous posters, I have experience crashes. Please fix this, I use this extension a lot.

  • Excellent ! =)
    It just need an option to re-save a existing page ;)

  • Excellent AddOn! The innumerable components of a page saved in htm used to clutter up my harddisk, let alone other problems. With mht, this is history. Also, it is very convenient to access via keyboard shortcut or rightclick, save the url, save all tabs at once, save the file title and more. Farewell IE :)

    Well, sometimes it crashes when I attempt to save a page in mht. It seems to occur not randomly, but with certain newssites and articles. I haven't been able to find a pattern though.

    Nevertheless, I look forward to further versions. Thank you so very much, and keep up the good work!

  • It works fine but only thing i encountered recently is that it somehow clashes with JAVA plugin, When i installed UnMHT, JAVA plugin didn't work properly, it used to hang the firefox. and when i disabled UnMHT, JAVA worked fine. I dont know technically why it happened but this is what i observed

  • When someone sent me an MHT file and munpack plus manual extraction of each file proved to be too annoying, this extension seamlessly opened the MHT file without fuss.

  • the earlier version is 5.2.0

  • Fills an irritating gap in saving my words. Since forums of any stripe are vulnrable to crashing, reformatting, being taken down, I like to save my contributions occasionally. A handy way is to use the repagination add-on. But in Firefox, not all forums will let you save (as HTML) the result of a repaginated collection of pages.

    (Does Firefox have to go back to the internet to re-download when I save a file? --seems so for me)

    But UnMHT works fine for what I need--not just to save space, but to provide functions that I could not do otherwise.

  • неплохой аддон, если бы еще был интегрирован в стандартный сохранить как, было-бы удобней.

  • If it can "save as" title as default like in IE(Addon File Title does so), it will be better. Because the title of html means more than the file name.

  • Saves a complete web page (including images) in a single file in a great MHT file format. Excellent add-on.

  • Excellent extension! I use it to quickly save tutorial pages. It's just one button click! I upload the MHT files to my webserver to have access to them from anywhere. Because of it's compact format i find saving webpages as MHT files even more convenient than using the (also great) scrapbook extension, since it has no feature to synchronize the files on a webserver.

  • I've been looking for something like this for a couple of years. I hate having to open .hmt files in Internet Exploder.

    Even though this extension is still experimental, I have not had any problems using it in FF 3.0.5. I also haven't noticed any compatibility problems with the other 33 extensions I have installed.

    Good work arai_a!

  • Excellent!!!
    You save a whole web page in one file!

  • Excellent Add on!!!, a must for anyone needing to save info from the web in a compact format, and best of all: compatible format.
    BTW: the developer has VERY good support.

  • On my config UnMHT occasionally freeze the Firefox. But either way this add-on is very useful.

  • Greate plug-in! Must be in standart releases!!!
    Tnx a lot !!!

  • Perfect for viewing MHT files saved in MS Office! Thanks!

  • Starting from development version 5.1.1, UnMHT is compatible with Mozilla Archive Format development version 0.9.0!

  • Indispensabile per non sentire la necessità di Internet Explorer

  • yay, don't need Opera to save mht's anymore!