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  • If I use http://www.printwhatyoulike.com/ bookmarklet to remove some elements from a webpage, disable internet so that it does not download all the files and then save the page using Unmht, the size of the saved file becomes quite large.
  • Nice working, interfere with IETab so there is need to disable the IETab to hangle mht files.
  • Thanks a lot for this addon. It is very usefull.

    I using it in Linux, with Claws-Mail and some features of the Bash shell. My settings are:

    * in "Preferences" --> "Mail" --> "Application" --> "Other":

    * and in "Preferences" --> "Mail" --> "Arguments" --> "Other":
    -c '/bin/claws-mail --compose "?subject=%TITLE%&body=attachment:\\\"file://`echo -nE "$(basename "%FILE%")"`\\\"" --attach "%URL%"'
  • It's not just an Add-on but the most important computer tool for my daily use without which I'm pretty much of a lame.
  • UnMHT 7.2.0 with ff28 on winxpsp3.Toolbarbuttons.if icon of UnMHT 7.2.0 in toolbar is clicked to try to save 15 webpages,it crashes firefox.after trying several times it crashed firefox several times.plz Remove Bugs.it was working fine but not now.
  • This is the best addon ever written. I simply amazed what it can do. Creating pixel perfect copies of websites is very useful for research. No need for Evernote and other software for research management. Thanks very much.

    Is it possible to select which part of the webpage to include and exclude from the mht? I mean a feature like Print Friendly & PDF can?
    An mht editor would be very useful to manage and edit mht files. It would also be great for note management an alternative to well known note taking applications especially because Windows supports the previewing of this file type in file explorer. Also because it can embed attachments its the ideal format to store everything inside it. Looking the extremely long list of version history I admire your ambition.
  • 5 stars thus far, saves quickly. To Pollik, the draw of UnMHT for me is that it works in Firefox for Android, but the hugely positive draw of Mozilla Archive Format for me is that it can also archive all of my open pages/tabs in Firefox for PC if I direct it to, so that if I need to close FF early, MAF will make a copy of the pages for me to view later. I haven't done an extensive contrast/compare of the two; I'm only mentioning the features helpful thus far (I need to add this to MAF)...to sum, I find them both helpful.
  • Disappointed. It displays mht files as source code
    If you have any trouble, please post to support forum:
  • 「IE Tab V2」から「IE Tab」に変更した際に mht ファイルが開けず「あれ?」と思ったのですが、レビューを見て自己解決しました。

  • I can't really emphasize enough how great this extension is. Not that I need MHT files on a daily basis, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how much care the dev placed on this extension. The changelogs are an example of what everyone should do to their extensions. I know few extensions that can do ONE thing so brightly, almost in every way you can imagine. Congrats for such dedication!
  • Hi,

    Just thought I should let you know, UnMHT viewer breaks if IE Tab add-on is enabled. I've emailed the IE Tab developer.

    All in all, loving UnMHT especially the saving of multiple MHT files
    Please disable following site filter from IETab's setting:
  • Excelente Complemento. Essencial. Parabéns ao Desenvolvedor
  • 挺好的,不过有IE Tab,这个好像也可有可无了
  • Exact page saves. Multiple pages in single documents. Index page with custom title and description. Support for search indexing on windows and mac.

    Overall, for project research and documentation, this add-on has been invaluable.

    Only feature request is that add-on recognize selected tabs and offer to save those in single archive. The add-on does have a dialogue for selected any number of tabs, but does not detect which ones are currently selected.





    (2), ADD SAVE OPTION AT Firefox MENU

    Firefox > Save Page As... > Save as MHT... AND Save multiple tabs as MHT...
  • There is a newer version 6.1.10 on a developer's home page....
  • Versions 6.1.0 to 6.1.6 instead of opening mht file open endless quantity of empty tabs. Only 6.0.0 works correctly. Win7 Ultimate, Firefox 17.0.1.
  • Curious that why I don't have such problem, I have even tried the beta Ver.6.2.0a7 from author's website and works like a charm.
  • The new version doesn't work! (v6.1.2). There's no statusbar icon, no context-menu, nothing.
    Luckily I have backup the old extension monthly. I have to revert back to version 5.7.7.
    arai_a, please fix this because your UnMHT add-on is really great!
  • Win 7 x64 sp1 и FF 17.0.1. При открытии сохраненого mht вешает любой установленный браузер наглухо. (проверено на ie, opera, chrome)
  • does not work with palemoon x64 at all. Some older versions do.
    shame because it is a GREAT addon.
  • Наконец то сохранил страницу в 6 версии, и увидел ее так после открытия, как на экране было (с учетом блокировок adblock plus)!
  • It's perfect now. Thankyou!
  • Excellent thank you
    I have been using it since 3 years ago.
    Thank to you who made this helpful Add-ons.