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  • It is not compatible with Firefox quantum
  • Not compatible with Firefox Quantum.
    So when will it be available. So sad that most addon still not useable now on 20180910.
    I have forgetten firefox for about two years!
  • Thsi is great tool.

    Is there a way to supress the "save as" command while printing through this. Thanks.
  • This extension is great for what I need. I have to print 100+ web pages each day and doing it one by one sucks. However Ihave one issue. I need to print ONLY the 1st page of each tab and currently it only works for the initial tab and all other tabs will print all pages. Is there a way to print only the 1st page (page 1 of 1) of each tab??
  • Great Add-on. But without Firefox Quantum update not usable anymore. PLEASE make an update !!!
  • This is the one add on I relied on. Now its no good with Firefox Quantum. This sucks
  • As last posts, would use again, but no longer compatible. Hoping the developer will update for Quantum version of Firefox.
  • A great tool which is a pain in the butt to live without. However the recent Firefox upgrade to Quantum makes this incompatible with firefox now. It cannot even be downloaded to try. The last update looks to have been 5 years ago so I have little faith that this extension will be updated to work with Quantum.

    We have to print customers order slips and can only do that by opening each in a new tab and then printing all tabs. This extension is the only extension I have ever found that can do this. So without it it adds like 45 minutes of work each day having to go in an print each tab individually.

    If they do update it to work with Quantum, I will be happy to change this review becuase this extension is truly a life and time saver.
  • This works great and saves lots of paper.
  • Would use again, but no longer compatible. Hoping the developer will update for new Firefox version.
  • This has been a life saver for us. We have to print pages for our fulfillment that each open as an individual web page. During our peak seasonal times that means opening and printing a couple hundred pages a day individually. It took several hours a day last Christmas. Now I can download my report, copy and paste the urls in using the "Open Multiple Locations" plugin, and batch print everything It's been such a huge timesaver.
  • This plug-in was great until the new firefox broke it! I hope the developer makes an update.
  • It's working. I'm so happy. Many thanks to developers...
  • I fully agree with JasonK. The ONLY job I would ever need the extension for is printing all tabs to a single pdf, without any need for intervention. I actually cannot imagine ever wanting to print multiple tabs to a printer. Please add this option if it can be done.
  • .. would be even better if you could print all (selected) tabs to a single pdf
  • I've been using Universal Print for several years and love - not sure I could live without it.

    Lately, however, it seems a bit glitchy with regard to printing backgrounds. I have it set to NOT print background, but some of the background material is printing on some websites.

    I can supply examples. Is there anything that can be done?

    I am happy that I could make such an impact for someone. In this plugin not all of the options in the default printer print dialog propogate to the final print job. This plugin is due for a complete rewrite and that's an issue i'd like to fix. Due to my job obligations I'm unsure when I'll be able to update it. Email me at chromavant@gmail.com if you want to discuss the issue further.
  • I had high hopes for this add-on after struggling trying to get Windows Firefox to work in wine so I could use the gold standard of all PDF print utilities, 'Print pages to Pdf', which is unfortunately Windows-only. I am using OS X 10.8.5 and my goal is to be able to print a range of tabs to PDF. I thought I had finally found what I was looking for but no…

    First off, the tab selection dialog is really dysfunctional. It merely displays a list of URLs with only two or three of them showing page titles. This makes it almost impossible to select the right tabs. I expected a graphical display with tab titles. Wow, I just tried to open the 'Print Select Tabs…' dialog after using it only once and it won't open any more. ???

    Second, after selecting 3 tabs and waiting a considerable amount of time, I selected the PDF button and waited again for the PDF to be saved. It didn't open automatically like it does with the normal print dialog. Worse, the damned Epson printer dialog was open. This doesn't happen with normal print dialog.

    Third, worst of all, when I opened the PDF I only got one of the three tabs.

    So to me this add-on is useless. It does nothing that I can't already do with the built-in print dialog and does it much slower and with annoying side-effects. The print settings of this add-on are minimal, just 3 items.

    Compare this with 'Print pages to Pdf'. It is highly configurable and it 'just works'. It is very fast. It prints all the tabs and generates a bookmarks TOC and saves it to PDF and opens it. I strongly suggest that the developer take a look at 'Print pages to Pdf' and emulate it closely. It does everything right already so why re-invent the wheel and come up with a square variant?

    'One more thing'… This add-on is pure malware. It completely disabled NoScript!!! I had to remove the add-on and restart before I got back the use of NoScript!
    Hello fooby,

    While I do appreciate your situation and understand your frustration, I must first address your most serious accusation that this extension is malicious in some way. Your main cause for thinking so is the fact that one of your extensions was disabled. However it is not uncommon for Firefox extensions to conflict with each other. I do appreciate you reporting this fact. But it is misleading to label this as malware.

    In regards to the unfortunate difficulties you have been having, it is important to note that this extension was designed to work on much older systems and does work very well with those systems. In addition, this extension was not designed to print pages into one pdf the way print to PDF is.

    That being said, I am not against redesigning this extension to make it useful to users such as yourself who are working on newer systems and require more settings and abilities.

    As it stands, I am a bit constrained in the amount of time that I can spend on hobby projects such as this extension. However, It has been a long time since this extension has been updated. So I may take a look at it again to see what I can improve. My priority of course will be inspecting and resolving a possible conflict with NoScript.

    In order not to mislead other people who could find use in this extension, I would greatly appreciate if you would modify your response to remove the word Malware, unless you can of course present the results of an actual security scan that identifies this extension as harmful to the safety of your personal information or overall safety of your computer.

    If you feel a need to warn people of your experience, perhaps you can use the word Incompatible, or Conflicting instead.

    Thank you for your input and understanding,
    Y Harrow
    Universal Print Developer
  • Very useful extension that in the past, we used daily. Since switching to Mac OSX platform however, we're unable to get it to print anything beyond the selected tab.

    Currently using FF v. 21.0.

    Would love to know if there's something i'm missing or doing wrong because this is an extension we very much miss using - help!
    Unfortunately I do not have access to a Mac for testing purposes. Please try the following the solutions 1. Edit the extension preferences to your desired setting. 2. Make sure that you are selecting the correct print option as there are several. 3. Test the extension with earlier versions of Firefox to see if the issue persists as this extensions has over 600 Mac users who have not yet reported issues. Please email me your results at yharrow {at} gmail {dot} com
  • It is a nice plugin. However, when I tried to print many tabs (50+), it's getting difficult to keep up with file naming. It would be easier if it have multi-renaming options.
    This is a pretty nice idea. I'm not sure how I'd go about it. But it's something I would like to look into at some point, time permitting.
  • This thing is almost awesome. It would be very awesome if I could figure out how to print all .pdf pages using it. I have program that creates shipping labels as .pdfs - one per tab. I want to be able to print all labels at once instead of having to print each tab.

    Anyone have an angle at handling this?
  • Please submit your extension to http://www.babelzilla.org for a free localization into other languages.

    Babelzilla is a community of translators for Firefox extensions.
  • I use it to print a lot of tabs which have page numbers on it. But it seems that the tabs are not printed in sequence from left to right. Perhaps between each print followed by a delay that can be set by the user. Will the author check about it?
    Thanks for notifying me of this issue. Please send your above stated bug, operating system name, Firefox version, and plugin version to the email address available upon clicking on my name.
  • install.rdf needs an update, It says Works with: Firefox 2.0a1 - 7.* but is wrong.
    Install.rdf says maxVersion="6.0a1" I had to change it to maxVersion="6.*" cause FF 6.0 kept disabling it
    Hi dobbelina. Thanks for notifying me of this issue. It has been fixed in the newest version of Universal Print.
  • This sounds like what I need, but the wording of one sentence causes me to ask this instead of wasting a lot of paper experimenting:
    Will it print just a list of all the open tabs (what I need), or is it going to print out the contents of all my currently open FF tabs (which is the paper waste and which I do not want)? Thanks for the printing help this provides and for adding this feature if it's not there now.
    Hi ie, thanks for your feature suggestion. If all you need is a list of open tabs, you are better off searching for a tab lister such as https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/url-lister/ I will consider adding this feature in the form of a print summary. However, it is not in my immediate plans.
  • This seems like a nice extension for the multi-tab printing, but the most frequent thing I would like to use this for is Print Preview, but that doesn't seem to work in FF4. When I click the Print Preview option nothing happens.

    Another nice feature that could be added would be support for FF4's Tab Groups. So two new options would be nice: Print Tab Group All and Print Tab Group Select.
    Hi an updated version that fixes Print Preview in Firefox 4.0 has been released. Enjoy! Thanks for your feature suggestions. They are being considered.
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