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  • good
  • ottimo
  • works great!
  • Kinda mix-bag experience.
    ++It works,
    -Most the time. Not sure if it's because of the ReCaptcha or something (Ouo.io) or just that some website rely on 'Crowdpass' thingy.
    + I like 'Crowdpass' thing here.
    ~If there options to skip the prompt or countdown before it skip the prompt would be great.
    --Not compatible with NoScript or addons alike. Yup~ nope. But for the sake of convenience, just setup another Firefox profile just for access to this addons.
    ~Custom bypasses are for advanced user who know how to code. Still hasn't figure out how to use the thing. While there's the .js that people could look for example on how to get it working but nah~ too much work. . I use Skip Redirect to bypass non-link shorteners timer instead, which has more user-friendly option to add custom website. Little step to prevent infinite loop when using Skip Redirect with Universal Bypass: Go to Universal Bypass's Option, copy the extension address part (e.g moz-extension://c9999-something-something-/) to Skip Redirect's blacklist.
  • It's amazing!
  • very good extension