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5 Stars for The Concept
& my gratitude FOR YOUR HONESTY!!!

RE Comparison of your strategy to TACO: (opt-out thru behavior vs a definitive list):

I've been using TACO since its release & so far so good. But now I understand that TACO needs to issue frequent updates to keep up w/the ever-expanding list of ad co's. However, I've seen few updates so far (hmmmm...). Also notice that TACO includes most of the "heavy hitters" since I recognize every name on their list. Running Ghostery, too, btw.

I'll keep checking back to see if or when you develop this further. I'm curious to know if developers are using this & how's it working out so far? & how can you tell which ad companies it's working on?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.1).