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  • Great addon! But not working in Firefox Nightly 62 0a1
  • Unfortunately TB refuses to install this dictionary.
  • B
  • sometimes it types out what it thinks we should say. I don't like that and never will/
    ! I amm my own boss
    If I put it that way then thats how I wanted.
  • It has never let me down.
  • nice
  • good one
  • I'd like to suggest an update to this extension as its source dic/aff files are dated 2016-01-19 and that source's current version is dated 2017-08-24, i. e. more than a year and a half newer.
  • Looks good works fine!
  • Great for us Norwegians
  • Good app
  • I cannot find the icon anywhere on my screen so I've not been able to use this extension. I'm very upset. the spell check I had in the last edition of Firefox was perfect for my uses. I'm frustrated and angry there is nothing similar offered in this edition.
  • many thanks - it helps me to correct my English
  • going check it out sure need help with spelling lot services we had for years no longer work or not available any more
  • Great Add-On.
  • Thank you for solving a major problem in outlook you can't do spellcheck in there anymore but with this it solves the problem and highlights the wrongly spelled word immediately
  • Very Good!!! 5 Stars.
  • great. I don´t know what kind of problems these f-word using typ of people got here, I just know I have non with this Add-on.
  • It doesn't do anything... you right click on a word and there is just no option to look it up or anything like in the screenshots here.
  • very good and perfect browser for me
  • Just writing this review to compensate all the negative ones. The add-on works as intended, easy to install, easy to use.
    Firefox 54.0.1 (64 bits)
  • 5 Stars
  • Yeah, guess it indeed works, but using it would make Firefox slower. So better google it, guys.
  • Basic words like "relatable" are obviously in there. So many reviewers here seem to be completely clueless. Try to make sure you're actually using the dictionary you're reviewing before leaving angry 1-star "reviews"! You have to select it, you know.