Great low tech security! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I wrote this review in the Summer and I am revising it. It should be pointed out that there are 1000 high tech ways to keep yourself secure but perhaps the lowest tech way is to keep untrustworthy people away from your computer! I managed to escape the workforce in my 20s and managed to get my home paid off early in life and in my family we run from millionaires to methheads and the brutal truth is some people simply do not get let in my doors! The fact is if your employees, co-workers, roommates, friends, family... are not trustworthy and you can't have them looking over your shoulders they shouldn't be allowed in the building. Is it harsh? Yep! Is there any other answer? Nope! I put this one in my "Apollo! Pack" collection because some security concerns really have nothing to do with technology at all and are all about people.

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