Where Can I upload the unofficial v0.0.15 Rated 1 out of 5 stars

If someone can suggest where i can permanently upload my UnSupported & UnOfficial version 0.0.15 which I previously stated SHOULD support Firefox up to v3.9.x - in case they ever go past v3.6.15 (which is the Official Unhide Menubar v0.0.14 with a modified install dot rdf file and displays in the Add-Ons/Extensions window as ''Unhide Menubar 0.0.15'') I'd be grateful as there seems to be enough people out in the world who'd like to access it. I've set up a Gmail account just for this purpose:
iHopeTh1sWrks at gmail dot com
(I have written it with spaces to avoid possible spamming and Caps are not required & I trust that most people reading this will be able to work out the actual email address)

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