Linux/Debian + Swiftfox - confirmed Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I am most thankful for this plugin - as one who has optimized most of his system to be fully (or as full as possible) to be usable without moving hands from keyboard, firefox plugins, like flash, have been a major nuisance for me. And binding commands to run is a basic feature on almost all window managers / desktop environments in existence (and if you run one that does not support it then you must have chosen so knowingly), so setting key binding for this on Linux should be easy task for anyone. Personally my binding is set to execute "swiftfox -unfocus" and I can confirm this plugin working on swiftfox 3.6.13 - remember to set the right command depending on your variant, ie. debian by default comes with "iceweasel", not "firefox" although their functianality is 100% the same.

Thank you!