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209 reviews
  • I have encountered a little annoying bug. When I chose to reopen a specific tab, it will sometimes reopen another previous new window (pop up by various sites). Would you look into it? Anyway, thanks for your useful extension.
    This is this one:
  • Been using it since long time. I wish there was ability to bind a shortcut key. The native Ctrl+Shift+T is just inconvenient. Ctrl+Z would be much more intuitive and and easier to access.
    Ctrl + Z is already taken by Firefox itself. No way to bind this.
  • Simple but great addon, I wish I had found out about it before. The only thing missing is a keyboard shortcut
    Thanks for your review. The hotkey is actually built into Firefox itself: Ctrl + Shift + T
  • A replacement for the defunct download I used before
    What do you mean with "defunct download"?
  • Hi,
    is it still impossible to increase context menu entry number?
    4 actual items and then "More entries"... it is really sad...

    UPD. Maybe you consider adding additional option to use regular leftMouse click to open a list of recently closed tabs?
    Of course the drawback would be the loss of possibility to open last closed tab via single click. However the benefit in form of full closed list seems to be reasonable.
    In this way end users will be able to chose the preferable behaviour
    There is nothing I can do about this. For some reason Mozilla decided to not allow more entries on the top level of browserAction context menus so the "More items" submenu is the best I can do.