111 reviews
  • works just as intended!
  • FF 70 broke it
  • is very add-on with very bad icons, I suggest a set with various icons. thx.
  • Very useful add-on! I`m searchin for smth like that instead of undoCloseTabs

    I`ll be just happy if you add ability to delete tab from list by right click on it
  • Sort of does what I'm looking for. It seems to be limited to 9 recently closed tabs even though the settings suggest it can allow 25. The add on that I had with the old FF allowed over 100.
  • where is tab closed history? right click on mouse.
  • Thanks. Please add tooltip with url on mouseover.
  • best add-on i found for this purpose
    after upgrading to 57+

    - option to clear the list
    - closed "new tab"s shouldn't show up in the list

    left click = restore last closed tab
    right click = open list
    but i think mozilla destroyed the old right click function in the toolbar
  • One of the first things I add to Firefox on a fresh installation.
    All of Button Guy's stuff is quality.