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  • exelente ,aun no lo exploro pero se qque funcionara... gracias
  • Almost essential extension these days that gives you back some control over what websites you visit can do. Admittedly, take some time to get used to and configure properly, but totally worth the effort.
  • полная дрянь ! и видео на youtube не показывает !
  • I wonder if this extension be as impacted by manifest v3 as Ublock?
  • Ну просто очень полезное дополнение, этакий фаервол для интернет страниц, у меня работает в тандеме с uBlock Origin, окончательно удаляет с сайта рекламу, лишние куки, запросы, перенаправления и другую гадость. Страницы становятся девственно чистыми, рекомендую.
  • once you get a hang of umatrix, it is by far the best security related addon. its much easier to manage your preferred settings than the others. id give it 6 stars if we can use simple text files for im/export databases, and of course saving them too...
  • uMatrix is now my #1 most essential add-on for Firefox. It lets me know at a glance what Web sites are trying to cram down my throat, and it lets me selectively allow exactly the minimum to get the functionality I need.

    Just ONE small request, which would make this add-on PERFECT: I'd love to see a way of saving multiple configurations for a single site. Very often I develop a lower-security setting to get at specific content - but I need to re-enter it from memory every time I visit the site looking for that particular content.

    Otherwise, bravo! I'll never willingly use the Web without uMatrix.