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  • Ну просто очень полезное дополнение, этакий фаервол для интернет страниц, у меня работает в тандеме с uBlock Origin, окончательно удаляет с сайта рекламу, лишние куки, запросы, перенаправления и другую гадость. Страницы становятся девственно чистыми, рекомендую.
  • uMatrix is now my #1 most essential add-on for Firefox. It lets me know at a glance what Web sites are trying to cram down my throat, and it lets me selectively allow exactly the minimum to get the functionality I need.

    Just ONE small request, which would make this add-on PERFECT: I'd love to see a way of saving multiple configurations for a single site. Very often I develop a lower-security setting to get at specific content - but I need to re-enter it from memory every time I visit the site looking for that particular content.

    Otherwise, bravo! I'll never willingly use the Web without uMatrix.
  • Wer sich etwas mit dem Addon beschäftigt und ein bisschen Arbeit nicht scheut, wird begeistert sein. Kenne nichts besseres.
  • Amazing job!. A must have. It is my favorite now.
  • uM is a good extension, but uBlock Origin is more necessary in the interest of privacy and resource blocking - the reason for the 3 star rating is because it pisses me off to no end that Raymond split the code base and created 2 extensions with *overlapping* functionality with the reasoning that uBO is easier to use - this is nonsense IMO as uM could have been given a dummy mode and uBO has an advanced mode which defeats the reasoning, so now us ad haters and privacy phreaks have to deal with 2 add-ons instead of 1
  • Amazing extension. Seeing how much garbage that some websites try to load in the background is eye-opening. Figuring out how to unbreak some websites is actually kinda fun, even for an amateur like me. This extension gives you so much control over what you want to allow or block. Definitely recommended for anyone who's even slightly tech-savvy.
  • Advanced Script, Pixel and AdBlock. Sometimes even useable against antiadblock. The only thing i'd like to have would be an selective blocker (dont block all scripts but instead select them).
  • A comprehensive and flexible privacy tool from the same author as uBlock Origin.

    This is a tool more for experts than other fire-and-forget privacy options, but it's definitely worth spending time to learn how to use it and configure it around your browsing.

    Works great as a companion to list-based solutions like uBlock Origin.