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  • Thank you, Raymond.
  • Thanks to this addon I realized how websites like Google, Twitter, Facebook et cetera keep track of people across different websites and adjusted my dynamic filter in uBlock accordingly.
  • The comparison of reuters with/without adblock is bonkers. So much unnecessary trash websites are loaded.
  • Very useful and informative add-on.
    Thank you!
  • OK
  • Great add-on, quite informative. I would like to be part of uBlock Origin.
  • I love this addon from based gorhill but the firefox mobile version doesnt work even tho it installs just fine. It forgets its settings after configuration. Hopefully based gorhill fix it. N-notice me senpai!
  • I use uBO-Scope in addition to uBlock Origin and uMatrix. This addon doesn't look like much, but it actually shows quiet useful informations. uBO-Scope, uBlock Origin and uMatrix basically form the Triforce of addons. The first thing I do when installing a browser, is downloading those addons. Thank you for your work.
  • 本質的です
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