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  • Chris Aljoudi is a scam artist who only wants to take donations for other people's work. He never updates this fork, yet he keeps asking for donations to "keep uBlock alive". Instead of supporting this scammer, you should install uBlock Origin instead. That's the original extension, and the one that's actually updated.
  • Use the real ublock which is ublock origin. This one is fake
  • this is a mistake. go real ublock
  • This app is dead and it should be removed
  • Qdo um site cheio de propaganda reclama e pede para desabilita-lo. É pq presta.
  • Dead app. No development
  • Unfortunately this project is dead. See https://github.com/chrisaljoudi/uBlock/issues/1617 for more information.

    "ublock origin" is a maintained alternative.
  • The certificate just ran out for the main site ublock.org and the last release was in June 2015. This project is dead, I recommend to use uBlock Origin instead, which is still actively maintained by the original developer.
  • Use uBlock Origin instead
  • Very fast and without "white list". This is a real adblcoker everyone should have
  • This is an effective ad blocker and is trusted.

    I can no longer trust uBlock Origin or AdBlock Plus, because critical reviews of both of those extensions are being deleted.

    Unlike those extensions, negative reviews of this extension and AdBlock Edge are not being censored.
  • So, there's been a lot of confusion about the legitimacy of uBlock vs. uBlock origin, but I just think that uBlock is one of those extensions that is frozen in time, like Agar.io Powerups or something. So if you have a newer Firefox, use uBlock Origin.
  • This extension blocks RSS buttons on the site. Please add 'unblock element' function.
  • Very badly supported and maintained fork. Use uBlock Origin from the original Dev instead.
  • Use uBlock Origin.
  • Use original
  • Use "uBlock origin" instead. This one ("uBlock" without "origin" in its name) is not maintained, does NOT reference original developer and is a donationware.
  • uBlock was forked from Raymond Hill's currently named uBlock Origin

    uBlock Origin is currently actively being maintained by uBlock's original author Raymond Hill, If you haven't already, switch to uBlock Origin
  • Endlich ein schnörkelloser Adblocker, der seine Arbeit hervorragend und schnell genug verrichtet. Dem ist nichts mehr hinzuzufügen. 5 Sterne!
  • Добавьте блокировку рекламы с доменов Палау .pw. Так как с них не блочит её. Что касается µBlock работает на ура, и на много меньше хавает ресурсы системы. Разрабы не бросайте данный проект.
  • Sorry, this sounded like a great app but button won't open but once then unusable, needs a lil more tweaking
  • This blocker created script errrors on some websites, notably Marketwatch.com so I stopped using this add on.
  • use ad banning dns over at ban.et and still the buttons and stuff come thru. lately all of my custom block-this sections keep coming back after reload or revisit the sites. I thought this was supposed to keep those buttons away....
  • Changing prev review. I see what its doing now, but IMHO, a plugin should never ADD content. I spent the past 6 hours trying to figure out how something to do with linkbucks was getting into my site. Cost me a whole day worth of productivity .. deny the ad sites, don't add anything, not even CSS!
  • uBlock Origin is far superior to just "uBlock" anymore. The maintainers may have different visions, but the uBlock Origin people update their addon a lot more frequently and have added a ton of new features.