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  • Use uBlock Origin instead. There's no reason to use this inferior version.
  • It works very well on most sites but on Facebook it has unintended side effects. I use it to block annoying features that Facebook has implemented without user input, but it seems that they've foreseen this and implemented multiple replacements of the same features. This makes it so that I have to block up to a couple dozen of the same feature before I find it completely blocked. When this happens though I find that doing so has caused other features that don't seem to be related to fail to appear on their page. Because of this side effect, I'm subtracting three stars from the overall rating. If you can come up with a way to effectively block specific features on Facebook without side effects, I'll move my rating up accordingly.
  • I cannot tell you about my experience with Ublock, as it is not compatible with Firefox v59. Please make it compatible for the next version of Firefox. It was the best before, surely it can be again.
    Thanks for the feedback. We are in the process of getting uBlock ready for FF v59. We appreciate the feedback.

    The uBlock Team
  • Useless add-on since it does not work in Firefox Quantum!!! Why even have a link to download Firefox, when you should get the latest version, where this extension will be an exercise in futility?
  • do not like . would like to delete
  • https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/?src=ss
  • uBlock Origin is the original. Also see other comments.
  • No longer maintained
  • This version of uBlock was created to trick users who thought they were installing uBlock Origin.

    The difference is, this one is far less efficient and accepts donations. The donations do not go to any of the developers working on the open-source repo, but rather solely the creator.

    See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UBlock_Origin for proof.
  • Oops. Looks like I am suddenly looking at the wrong uBlock. Will try uBlock Origin again.
  • There's no reason for this to be dragged on any more, Chris. Just shut down ublock so that those unknowing don't use an unmaintained piece of software.
  • not working anymore?