388 reviews
  • By far the best ad blocker. Much lighter than Adblock (Plus) both objectively and subjectively, without sacrificing functionality. The author deserves only superlatives.
  • It does his job with less RAM and CPU consuption :D
  • Super efficient and highly configurable, great job!
  • Love it! Getting better and better!
  • best
  • Very happy to see this in the official add-ons directory.
  • Couldn't be happier to see a lighter weight ad blocker. All of my friends will be getting this as soon as I see them.
  • logged in here to give a review of this addon. This addon has been light on my resources and it has been the best adblock I have ever used. Could not ask for a better adblock/malware blocker.
  • Very good. I have an older machine and find it is quite a bit quicker with uBlock compared to Adblock Plus.

    Ad removal seems to be just as good as with Adblock Plus too.

    Can't think of a reason not to use this over everything else.
  • I recently disabled then enabled my extensions one by one and realized Adblock Plus was the culprit that was freezing my browser and making it unresponsive. Now... don't get me wrong, Adblock Plus has been installed on my Firefox browser as long as i can remember and has always done the trick, but as of late it has been acting a little bit too buggy for me, especially knowing it has been causing my browser to trip out. Now, since installing uBlock i have not had these problems and my CPU usage levels has drastically went down. So for right now, i'll say uBlock is doing what it says it does and maybe a bit more.
  • Signed up to Mozilla.org just to say - As a resource-cautius user, this addon has been a nice addition to my browser. I've been using this addon for the past few weeks and my experience has been delightful. Thank you for developing this. In my opinion, such an essential addon deserves to be featured.
  • uBlock bocks all ads and most trackers by *default* which makes it by far the easiest thing to just recommend to most users who are new to this whole concept. Besides that, the advanced mode is superb, the UI is great, and it's under continuous development, with lots of improvements on the way. Upcoming versions (as of this review) effectively replace the separate RequestPolicy plugin for truly advanced control of all third-party requests.

    This is the ONE plugin I now recommend to absolutely everyone.
  • Switched from ABP to µBlock earlier today and already fell in love with it!
    I love the built in element hider, how way more efficient it is (browser is way less sluggish), the easy to get to menu to manually allow/disallow sites, and the way the filter lists are set up!