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  • Best for Mozilla Firefox
  • Please! Remain the KISS principle!
    No more huge resources on the next versions!
    That's right!!!! :))
  • I normally keep a moderate amount of tabs open from 15 - 20. I don't keep more open because I still have to exit Firefox at least every other day to free up all the memory it hogs with ABP. If I really use the browser heavily I have to exit in less than a day. I have an i7 with 16gb running Ubuntu. The resources are there but Firefox slows down so bad it doesn't matter. This completely solves the memory problem for me. The interface is excellent and intuitive. Dynamic filtering is a great way to unbreak sites and behind the scenes is an excellent way to see wtf is going on and then to resolve it. This is the most useful and unique extension I've seen since Noscript.
  • Thank you for great add-on.
    Please add support for Palemoon browser,
    (it is not showing icon)
  • Excelente, con muchos filtros fáciles de aplicar y ligera con el rendimiento
  • I'm not sure why Mozilla hasn't reviewed this Add-On yet, but given the frequency of updates, it would be really nice if they would and auto updates were implemented.
  • The speed is amazing. Adblocking has come a long way.

    It will be great to be able to use ABP's acceptable ads feature somehow in this addon, because the long-term vision of "reasonable ad display" is worth fighting for.

    With the 3rd-party iframe and script blocking, I feel like I'm using a powerful hybrid of NoScript and ABP.
    If that is your wish, then you can add acceptable ads as a custom filter:
  • Works great, but Pale moon support is poor. Please fix the toolbar icon!
  • Better, faster and really open
  • Awsome, just simple and fast.
  • This addon is better than abp but it lacks some basic functionality from abp that has been requested multiple times on github.
  • Have been using this for a few weeks and is excellent, pleased to see it`s finally on add-ons site. Thank`s so much.
  • W porównaniu z AdBlock i AD+, same pozytywy. Niesamowicie prosty w obsłudze, bardzo skuteczny i nie pożera zasobów jak AdBlock. Bardzo łatwo uzupełnić blokowany element z menu, bezpośrednio na wyświetlanej stronie. Wcześniej pod FF używałem bezpośrednio z GitHub, od wersji 0.7.cośtam. Nie zauważyłem żadnej nieprawidłowości w działaniu.
  • now my go to adblock.
  • ad block+ gpl3 = awesome
  • Blocks Google's AdWords & AdSense Ads. Blocks video ads. Fast and reliable.
  • Actively developed with open-source on github. No problems here.
  • +1 to previous appreciative review.
  • I have tested this on many different computers and configurations and on every single one I can immediately see the improvement in performance compared to e.g. Adblock Plus, regardless of how powerful the system is.

    µBlock is blazing fast even with 160 000 filters compared to ABP with 89 000 filters, a lot less jank and jamming, faster startup... Its amazing. Not to mention the improved blocking power, ability to block and examine behind-the-scene requests, the local caching feature if we get it back...

    The only drawback is that the UI is less powerful and less informative in certain ways and there is no built-in subscription issue reporter. But I can live with the certain UI drawbacks, since the performance, blocking power improvements and other features make up for it tenfold.

    The authors are also proactive and eager to improve the addon and I like their honesty. Cant wait to see this addon mature further.
  • Great to see uBlock now on the FF-Add-ons homepage.
  • Great add-on! I couldn't install it on my phone though. Firefox on Android said the add-on wasn't compatible.
    Which is true. The extension has proper compatibility from desktop Firefox 29.
    However Fennec support may be added in the future:
  • На некоторых сайтах µBlock не хочет соблюдать "мои фильтры" после перезагрузки страницы! Откатился на там всё работает!
    If you have a reproducible problem, you can open an issue and describe it here:
  • Very fast!
  • definitely the best ad blocker out there regarding performance and efficiency