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  • Works excellent in the few weeks i've been using it.

    @SweetFinny90, Click the Icon and it HAS a button to enable/disable so not sure how you cant see that..!

    I wont be reverting to ABP anytime in the near future, thats for sure.
    Thanks to the Developer for a usable/workable light on resources add-on..
  • Pretty fantastic all around. I can't imagine going back to Adblock after this. Now to wait patiently for the matrix filtering...
  • I haven't measured the performance benefits myself, but ublock definitely isn't slow and it works. Love the element-picker mode. Maybe that is actually the best reason to try ublock out if you're still happy with your other adblock
  • 非常感谢作者!!
  • MUCH faster than Adblock+ and the developers care about blocking ads, not about making money like the Adblock+ devs.

    Best adblocking solution right now.
  • Wrong rating for the previous one... Sorry
  • Hj
  • I didn't have any problems with FF being slow while using ABP and only 15 other add-ons. But as ABP is now selling advertising to the Big G(oogle) and Amazon. I thought it would be high time to dump them.
    UBlock works fine and I just took it at face value that it also uses less cpu.
    Where does one get those additional scripts and how to add them though?.
  • tres bon outils
  • Yes, this is really a great Adblocker.
    But: If you need to disable/pause it often, you become quickly annoyed. Because you have to disable it in the browser settings, no shortcut exist in the GUI. Unfortunately, the authors persistently refuse to change that.

    For Web developers, cashback-users and many others this addon ist not as good as it could be.
  • NOTE: THIS EXTENSION HAS BEEN ABANDONED BY ITS NEW MAINTAINER. Use uBlock Origin Instead. It is actve and maintained by the Original developer.

    I am using this in Firefox Stable/Nightly from Early days of its beta version, And it is absolutely great add-on to have it installed.

    Due to its vast configurability options (i.e., using dynamic filtering UI), we can configure it from simple Image blocker to Default Deny Blocker..

    I am using it as
    - On Office PC: Default Filter Lists + As a simple Image Blocker (configured to block images by default).
    (note: nice thing about dynamic filtering in this setup is, one can quickly noop image rule to bypass image blocking, with a single click)
    - On Home PC1: Custom Filter Lists + Configured as Default Deny
    - On Home PC2: Custom Filter Lists + Configured to block 3 Party scripts by default using Dynamic Filtering
    - On Android: Custom Filter Lists + Configured to block 3 Party scripts by default using Dynamic Filtering

    And last but not least, Firefox feels RESPONSIVE again. And no need to use No Script or any other script blocker. One can configure it using Dynamic Filtering.

    This review is for v0.9.1.0 (https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases/tag/
  • Awesome. One issue though, it does not update automatically or manually. I have and checked for update from browser's addon page but nothing happened. Then I checked this page saw the version
    Updates are handled by AMO, so I don't think that this is a problem with the extension.
  • Firefox上終於也有了,希望這個軟件越來越好!
  • finally ad blocking without the overhead and so far it doesn't appear this one allows some ads through like the more popular ad blocker.
  • This add-on does it's job well and blocks ads just fine, and has support for lots of custom URLs for blocking as well as country-specific ones.

    However, it needs some work on the UI. I do not want a button on the toolbar, so there needs to be another way to enable/disable on a per-site basis, using the keyboard, like for ABP, where the option is in the Tools menu.
  • Browsing the web with AdBlock Plus has really become a pain on my MacBook Pro (Mid 2009) with only 4 GB of RAM.

    I had to close Firefox every hour because memory was stocking up to over 1.2GB!

    uBlock finally delivered a solution, it made the browsing-experience faster, more reliable and easy on the memory.

  • It would be useful to use the description to describe what this does. "Efficient blocker" could be many things. It seems this blocks ads and other things too.
  • Not blocking ads for https://encrypted.google.com/webhp?complete=0 search results.
  • Great. Powerful and stable, less resouce-consuming than ABP.
  • I have been using uBlock for Chrome and uBlock for Firefox beta since before beta builds were available, and am very excited its finally available officially through Mozilla.org. Its by far more efficient than Adblock Edge or Adblock Plus, avoiding significant per-iframe/tab memory overhead incurred with those alternatives, as well as much faster performance and more advanced options.

    I would love to see all the beta build updates become available on Mozilla.org, as there were 5 updates (v0.8.8.3-4, v0.8.9.0-2) releases only at https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases
    Or, if not feasible, I would suggest at least a notification showing when updates are available on GitHub releases or updating from beta build to latest developer release on Mozilla.org so that enthusiasts don't have to check back there every day manually.
  • Drop ABP now! You won't regret it. Don't be fooled by the version, this extension is super stable and does an excellent job of blocking ads.
  • Awesome adblocker, better than any previously made so far.

    + Finnaly it shows in a google search and in addons search. :))

    - For some reason android support was dropped, I still have it installed on my mobile device because older version has been installable on android. :) who knows, maybe they will add it back. :)
  • I just discovered this adblocker, installed it and did a test with 25 tabs:
    ABP = 525MB RAM, 2 active filter lists (Easylist+EasylistGermany, EasyPrivacy)
    µB = 415MB RAM, 7 active filter lists (µblock, µblock privacy, Peter Lowe's, Malware domains list, Malware domains, Easylist+EasylistGermany, EasyPrivacy)

    Great success.
    I wonder how this newcomer can be so much more efficient.
  • не знаю чем оно лучше адблок плюс, но работает хорошо, претензий не имею
  • Wirklich klasse, macht was es soll, ist leichtgewichtig und ist zudem noch OpenSource, wirklich klasse!