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  • Before ublock I've been using two different extensions, one for blocking ads and one for removing unnecessary elements on pages. Since I'm not a tech-savvy person I'm glad I found this all-in-one easy to use extension and won't have to hog my computer's resources anymore.
  • It seems to have some fairly extensive settings which I only recently found(show dashboard button in addons when you click options next to ublock). There's one glaring problem for me though. It doesn't seem to have any quick(or obvious) ability to unblock ads based on domain alone. You can unblock per webpage, but that won't effect anything as you navigate through a website. I was able to make certain whitelisted webites fully unblocked only because I knew that "*"(star) is often used as a wildcard symbol, edited my whitelist, and tested it out accordingly.

    A nice fix for this would be a checkbox to change a setting to allow ctrl clicking unblock to unblock the full domain.
  • Memory consumption performance is way better then of ABP or Adguard. One may think it has little configuration options because all are on the Options page - and it's huge.
  • Perfect in firefox mobile and desktop
  • Лучшее из всех протестированных мною аналогичных дополнений.
  • perfectly well does what it says, and wastes no resources
  • Excellent first impression!
  • Personal tests show ublock using 1.7 MBs after over 24 hours of my browser running. Adblock Plus was using 15 MBs. That may seem like a big difference, however it is not. People claiming it makes your browser faster must be on extremely old PCs or have other conflicts with Adblock Plus. I've done hundreds of real-world tests going on websites I do normally using a tool that measures page loading speed and the difference was none. Sometimes the pages would load faster with ABP and sometimes it would load faster with ublock. I took a star off because the description feels like the author is trying to claim this add-on is factually faster than ABP when it's not; again it makes zero difference on several of my PCs that are 3-5 years old. The other star I removed because I felt the interface was terrible, but this one is more personal to my tastes and some people may prefer it. I had to restart my browser 3 times just to get the tabs in the options to actually work. Clicking on them did nothing at first.

    edit: There's also reviews claiming that ABP requires separate add-ons to remove pop-ups...Completely BS lies. Been using it since it came out and have never gotten a pop-up and I don't have any other add-on for adblocking (except ublock, which is what I'm using for the next week to give it a fair chance to prove itself). I don't think reviews should contain lies about the competition.

    I will re-review this in a week or two after further use.
  • Best adblocker I've used on any browser/OS. It even have many of the features that other adblockers only feature in extra addons. Highly recommended!
  • The easiest to config any filter, the best blocking ads, and the best in resources consumption.
  • Best Adblocker ever!
  • uBlock is an excellent ad blocker and very easy to configure. Also, there are no automatically "trusted" ads to deal with like Adblock plus. I have also noticed an increase in browsing speed since I've switched to uBlock, since it uses less memory than its competitor. U go, ublock!
  • Have been using it for 2 months. Latest version runs on Android too.
  • uBlock est un excellent bloqueur de publicité qui offre une excellente alternative à l’hégémonie de adblock plus, avec un fonctionnement toutefois différent. En effet ici, les listes de blocage sont téléchargées AVEC le bloqueur et non pas à choisir après l'installation. Ce bloqueur avait déjà fait ses preuves sur Opera et Chrome avec succès mais malheureusement, à peine arrivé sur Firefox, ses développeurs ont décidé de laisser tomber ! Mais le projet a été repris par 2 autres développeurs mais cela va entrainer un peu de retard dans les mise à jour de l'extension donc si vous voulez suivre l'évolution et avoir les dernières mises à jour allez sur la page d'un des 2 nouveaux développeurs https://github.com/chrisaljoudi/uBlock, vous pourrez avoir la dernière version Comme ils viennent de reprendre l'extension depuis moins de 48 heures, accordez leur un peu de patience et de clémence. Après la disparition soudaine de Adblock, l'existence des bloqueurs de publicité est agitée.
  • Very good performance and coverage!!!
  • OK so i am on version 5 direct from https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases yes foxy addons page lags well behind the latest one wonders why! however it beats ALL other old CPU/RAM MUNCHING SLOW PAGE LOADING blockers bar none, power to the people no surrender. Good works folks, MANY THANKS.
  • Is a so good option but please this version is old. In the home page there is a version, this is the last version released, update this one.Thanks
  • La mejor alternativa a los vendidos de Adblock Plus, incluso funciona mejor.
  • Bardzo skuteczny i oszczędny, zarówno dla pamięci jak i CPU. Szkoda tylko, że na stronie dodatków znajduję się stara wersja. Jak dotąd nie miałem problemów nawet z wersją deweloperską.
  • Плюсы: большое количество фильтров и малое потребление памяти.
    Минусы: сильно тормозит загрузку страниц и иногда блокирует больше, чем нужно.
    На мой взгляд, AdBlock справляется с этим лучше.
  • Best add blocker I have seen so far, and I've tried a few. While saying goodbye to Chrome, I was very happy to find out that this was available for Firefox now as well. With real matrix filtering (like in uMatrix on Chrome) it would be even more perfect.
    Keep up the good work!
  • Works excellent in the few weeks i've been using it.

    @SweetFinny90, Click the Icon and it HAS a button to enable/disable so not sure how you cant see that..!

    I wont be reverting to ABP anytime in the near future, thats for sure.
    Thanks to the Developer for a usable/workable light on resources add-on..
  • Pretty fantastic all around. I can't imagine going back to Adblock after this. Now to wait patiently for the matrix filtering...
  • I haven't measured the performance benefits myself, but ublock definitely isn't slow and it works. Love the element-picker mode. Maybe that is actually the best reason to try ublock out if you're still happy with your other adblock
  • 非常感谢作者!!