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  • I decided to support this project financially. It's THAT good. Thanks!
  • Гораздо более бережливо относится к памяти по сравнению с Adblock и его клонами. Очень удобен список доступных подписок фильтрации. Производительность выше его конкурентов. При очистке кешей не происходит сброс настроек, как в случае с AdGuard.
  • Works good on e10s.
    Adblock Edge successor.
  • Sehr sehr gutes ADDon 5Sterne zu wenig, 7STERNE von mir!!!
  • Lighter on RAM than AdBlock Plus and bribe free!
  • I had to change my initial review after thorough testing. Memory usage in Firefox went up to 2.5 GB. Select your filters carefully.
  • Great Addon. Much lighter than Adblock Plus which has become a memory hog to be avoided if you can. Thanks to the uBlock project we now have a solid alternative. And I like the fact that I can disable cosmetic filtering in uBlock to make this extension even more ressource-friendly. I hope you guys will keep up the work.
  • Adding this fine app to all my FF browsers. Really gets annoying popups. Better speed too. Will try to make a contribution to this good job.
  • Best adblocker ever! Thank you! <3
  • Really very nice adblock, thank you for developers!
  • Интерфейс гораздо удобнее и дружелюбнее чем адблоковский. Остальное покажет время ;)
  • Simply amazing, indeed works better than ABP (your browser is a bit faster and the memory consumption gets lower)

    When installed it has by default several filters and works great, so far I have not needed to configure it further.

    The only changes I have performed was for a couple of sites, were uBlock blocked some parts, I just disabled the extension by simply clicking the extension button (looks like a power button) and wala!!

    Very easy to use yet veru powerful.

    ABP and AB users, do the change and feel the diference!
  • Used this for over 3 months. Moved from ABP to this and I love it!
  • Excellent addon! Doesn't break sites the way gorhill's does. Good job, Alex!
    Also, enable Fanboy Annoyance List to block even more rubbish.
  • By all means a "must have" addon the very first time you install your browser! Totally recommend this hands down!

    ・Has the filters and options that replace such addons as element hiding helper and other anti-adblock threats
    ・User friendly UI and Settings panel with many popular block lists
    ・Eats less RAM than other popular adblockers
  • Light,keeping the ad-invasors at bay and helping to safeguard one's privacy,this is an addon that everybody should have.
    Long life!
  • One of the best Blocker ever! Works perfekt with Firefox 38.0.1

  • Terrific add-on.
  • It is well designed and barebones in ui. It is quick and simple, and advanced (if you want)!
    I was so happy to notice that it came with an element blocker, unlike ABP/E.
    One thing I wish it had was a preview mode for element blocking and that's it. I would say that when if comes to the settings and features of the element blocker, ABP/E is better. I hope uBlock catches up on that, but that's not preventing me from using it.
    Another nice thing would be a flash blocker, tab on Flash elements. Sommething similar to what ABP/E had. Then again I have Flashblock that!

    PS I am pretty happy the icon and title has stayed the way it looked originally since the initialization of uBlock!
  • Inconsistency during load some websites. It makes me left this for a while. Some works need to be done I think.

    And adding and removing some custom filters in "My filters" is painful, since we need to looking date by date, not alphabetical order.

    Dashboard accessibility also minimum.
  • The only things I would request right off the top of my mind are an "open blockable items" feature like the one in AdBlockPlus and an element selector that acts like the Element Hiding Helper extension.
    There is an element selector available. Click the uBlock button, then click the small eye-dropper that appears just to the right of the "on this page" label.

    There is no list of blockable items at this time, though, sorry.
  • Me gusto esta si bloquea los anuncios con eficiencia y sin hacer más lento Firefox
  • Fastest and most easy to use add blocker yet!
  • Would love to have µMatrix advanced functions included!
  • Add-on tuyệt vời thật, vừa từ chrome chuyển sang firefox mà lại không có cái tiện ích VNSHIELD, dùng Adblock Plus thì cá nhân thấy không bằng được, nhưng rồi dùng thử tiện ích này thì thấy thật tuyệt, nó giống như là phù hợp với người Việt Nam khi lướt web vậy, đúng là hàng đỉnh