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  • Quelle est la différence entre µBlock (Alex Vallat) et uBlock Origin (Raymond Hill) https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/ ?
  • Does a great job at blocking all unwanted elements with the default lists.
    Only once or twice I needed to block specific element.
    Another advantage over AdBlock is the selection of element to block, much easier than AB, bye bye Facebook recommended, and "you might also be interested in reading this"
  • notO
  • It is good, but lack of personalization, is better the original uBlock, and support there are more updates to uBlock Origin, so to be one minor change, for the more demanding.
  • Was a big fan of Adblock Edge and have just found out it's no longer updated, but it's still working, what a shame! I never had a bad word to say about that useful add-on.

    Will disable Adblock Edge and try out uBlock, review and correct rating to follow after trial.
  • Works well, uses less memory, doesn't get unresponsive like other ad block solutions do. I like it.

    However, it causes lastpass to not function properly. When you have a login dialog lastpass usually has an asterisk next to the username and password. When you click the asterisk, you get the logins lastpass has for the site and you choose one and are logged in.
    With this active, this does not work, the asterisk turns to an X when clicked.
  • Seems to cause Firefox to hang and become unresponsive. Very frustrating. I need a good ad blocker, I miss Adblock Edge. :(
  • Ya era hora, desde que ABP se vendio no bloqueaba de la misma manera todos los anuncios y cada vez era más lento.
    Mis felicitaciones a las personas que mejorar cada dia ublock
  • Waiting for the hability to block a specific script on a webpage
  • The fastest and low memory adblock of all! I recommend it
  • The best adblock of all! Faster than Adblock Plus!
  • µBlock occupa poca RAM, richiede poca CPU per il suo funzionamento, è estremamente veloce e permette di nascondere tutta la pubblicità che c'è online! Penso sia il migliore adblock in circolazione, credo che sia anche meglio di Adblock Plus in quanto Adblock Plus richiede molta più RAM per il suo funzionamento rispetto a µBlock. Nella lista filtri aggiungete la spunta anche su ITA: ABP X Files e su ITA: EasyList Italy, in questo modo la pubblicità sui siti italiani verrà filtrata meglio.
  • Ce module fonctionnait très bien, mais depuis recemment il bug très souvent (bloque des fonctions sans raisons, ouvre des liens en plein écran etc). Je suis donc retourné à adblock, qui ne m'a jamais fait défaut.
  • simply the best, goodbye adblock plus
  • "uBlock could not be installed because Firefox could not modify the needed file."

    I was very confused when the button suddenly disappeared and ads started popping up again. Now I know why.
  • haha no
  • You have to manually load the rules list every time you start Firefox. Kind of a PITA, so I'm uninstalling it.
    This is certainly not the intended or normal behaviour. If you decide to give uBlock another try and re-install it, and it's still doing that, then please post an issue at https://github.com/chrisaljoudi/uBlock/issues/new and we will investigate.
  • Перепробовал много резалок рекламы, это самое лучшее. Во-первых оперативку не грузит, в отличии от Adguard и Adblock, а во-вторых очень много фильтров, так что справляется со своей задачей просто на отлично.
  • OK
  • uBlock is the best adblock addon available hands down. With that said I highly suggest people switch to Adblock Origin.

    The whole uBlock vs uBlock Origin debacle explained:

    uBlock was made by Raymond Hill(gorhill)

    uBlock gets a lot of users fairly quickly.

    uBlock gets supporting contributors.

    gorhill gets fed up with misinformed and highly entitled users demanding things from him as if this open source addon was a paid-for product.

    gorhill hands over the original uBlock repository on github to a random contributor.

    The random contributor adds donation buttons and accidentally claims he created uBlock and this causes backlash from the community.

    gorhill forks uBlock into uBlock Origin and starts rapidly developing this new fork.

    The contributor that took over the old fork apologizes for his actions and offers to give back the original repo to gorhill.

    gorhill has the contributor make some small change to make it clear that uBlock was not created by the contributor but says he'll just work on the uBlock Origin fork instead of combining them.

    The random contributors continue work on uBlock but so far there hasn't been any decent development because they are inexperienced(the maintainer of the uBlock repo is 17 or something).

    uBlock Origin has had some actual noticeable improvements made to it already and it is highly likely that the Origin fork will just take over as people become more informed about which is "better".
  • Had to leave a review; makes the web usable.
  • I decided to support this project financially. It's THAT good. Thanks!
  • Гораздо более бережливо относится к памяти по сравнению с Adblock и его клонами. Очень удобен список доступных подписок фильтрации. Производительность выше его конкурентов. При очистке кешей не происходит сброс настроек, как в случае с AdGuard.
  • Works good on e10s.
    Adblock Edge successor.
  • Sehr sehr gutes ADDon 5Sterne zu wenig, 7STERNE von mir!!!