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  • Bad addon that is uBlock Origin but worse. Slower and takes more memory, and the lists aren't up to date.

    Anyone reading this, just use uBlock Origin and save yourself some headache.
  • This add-on is obviously a false flag operation to lure unsuspecting Internet users, who actually want to go to "uBlock Origin", onto the wrong track and exploit their willingness to donate. In addition, the number of users is also likely to be driven up by dependent profits for the acceptable ads program. This is brand piracy and scam. "uBlock Origin" DOES NOT accept donations and DOES NOT accept payments from advertising companies so that their advertising is not blocked. But "uBlock Origin" is three years ahead in development.
  • I ike
  • Been a nightmare blocking ads but this has saved the day
    Thank you. We appreciate your feedback!!
  • Ne marche plus sur mobile
    Thanks for notifying us. We are currently focusing on Desktop Browser side more.
  • The Best Adblocker!!
    Thank you. We appreciate your feedback!!
  • C'est bon pour moi; remplacé ublockOrigin parce que depuis la dernière mise à jour il bloque des objets qui n'ont pas à l'être, donc je reprend Ublock.
    Thank you. We appreciate your feedback!!
  • Does not block ads on facebook.
    Hi, would you mind reporting issue over here https://github.com/uBlock-LLC/uBlock/issues so we can look into this? Thank you!