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  • Nice one.. Thank you
  • Love UBlock and giving it 5 stars, but one problem is that on Zero Hedge dot com it freezes Firefox when I am at a ZH article giving thumbs up and down clicks on comments. Yet, if I disable UBlock to alleviate the freezing, then I have the "Sponsored Stories" ads in the middle of the articles. What to do.
  • 好插件
  • Excellent
  • При включённом ublock origin не получается зайти на about:support.Пожалуйста исправьте.
  • update: fixed, many thanks to the dev :)
    You can use the dev build for now, it's fixed, see https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases

    Another way is to add "extensions.ublock0.shortcuts.launch-element-zapper" in about:config, and set it to an empty string.
  • Efective.
  • its simple but has everything abp would ve ever dreamt of
  • 10/10 ATR perro
  • uBlock Origin is a great add-on for privacy-and-security-conscious people to browse the dangerous internet. uBlock Origin does what it says, protects its users.
    I wrote the following message to Mozilla:
    Firefox is wonderful. Firefox is great, but it would be 'greater' if Firefox has an inbuilt VPN, like the Opera Web Browser. I think Firefox should protect these addons to maintain the healthiness of the browser and improve its rankings among other web browsers:
    NoScript Security Suite, Disconnect, BetterPrivacy-signed, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, Blur, Click&Clean, uBlock Origin, Bluhell Firewall, Self-Destructing Cookies and Random Agent Spoofer
    Thank you so much for maintaining the world's most secure web browser.
  • Does not screw up certain websites Twitter and FB work great with Ublock just can't say enough
  • 很好
  • good
  • I was one of the users that started with Adblock Plus.
    At some point Adblock Plus started letting ads past it and even introducing some technical issues.
    uBlock Origin works right after you install it and in my honest opinion does a better job than Adblock Plus.
    After testing it for 1 day I knew it was a keeper.
    Try it out and see for yourself.
    Developers: Good job!
  • Sip
  • Nice
  • So Good
  • I'd to switch from bluhell firewall. Not sure how long I'm gonna use it but this one was able to block an adware that bluhell couldn't block.
  • Good add-on. Very much work is done.
  • Sangat bsa dpercaya memblok smua iklan yang mengganggu sisaat kita bekerja secara online....thanks..
  • Install and forget, one click enable/disable, WebExtensions ready, cannot ask for more!
  • Блокирует очень много рекламм5
  • I use this in conjunction with Ad-block and No script. I wish I understood the control options a little more.
    I use it exclusively on Thunderbird.
    I hope Moz let's you keep it running.
    Thanks for the hard work!
  • Everything stopped with this application.