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  • 电脑上的谷歌浏览器也用
  • Muito boa! Obrigado!
  • This one does as it promises… and that's a rarity these days :}
  • Top notch. The most efficient and less consuming content blocker.
  • is that way to disable ublockO for all site temporaly ? i have set dynamic rules allow for all site, but cosmetic filter still blocked
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: I've been using UB Origin for less than a day at the time of writing this [2017-05-30, 15:54], so my review might change drastically.

    Been a long time user of AdBlock Plus, but I thought I'd test something new, since I've been getting some performance issues (especially lately).

    For me it would seem like there is a small performance increase with Origin vs. ABP (Origin is only slightly better in the ram department, but ABP seems to spike the CPU a lot more when loading some pages, if that makes sense?), and I've yet to find any "problem" websites (though I've barely tested at all).

    What I have not found yet though is an equivalent in Origin to ABP's "Show list of blockable objects" (Translated from the swedish version, so I do not know if that is the exact line in the english one), where I could also easily access and open in a new tab even those objects that where already blocked and/or that I for some reason wanted to open seperately.

    Also, with the aformentioned ABP function I could often manually access video files and such (and save them) on websites that didn't want me to, which is something I've yet to find in Origin, but as I've just started with it, I will still give it 5 stars for now, since it seems to work just as well as ABP, and slightly better too.


    I've tested for a bit now, and when comparing around 10-12 websites between the two, I've been getting a few minor pointers:

    1. Firefox (and loading pages in general) seem a bit slower with ABP.

    2. Under heavy load (many tabs with loads of everything), ABP seems to have a max ram usage that is about 20-ish to 40% [it really varies] higher than UBO, and when it stabilizes the difference is about the same.

    3. While #1 is an annoyance I didn't know I suffered, until I tried UBO, #2 only really becomes an issue when the max ram usage reaches way high, so it isn't really an issue for me most of the time.

    4. Haven't looked around much for a function (in ABP) akin to "Show list of blockable objects" in UBO yet, but if I don't find any such function, I just might go back to ABP for the moment (unless I start to encounter major issues with it).


    I understand now that I can use the built-in Firefox "Inspector" for the same function, but contains a lot of other info that I usually don't need.

    Will make another edit after I've looked around a bit more.


    D'OH! The 'Logger', literally one button away!
    The only adventage I can find with ABP's "List of blockable objects" now is the fact that it brings up an "under"-menu located on the same page (akin to most of the developer tools built into Firefox itself), rather than a separate page (which could be annoying if it isn't instantly obvious what link/file one wants), and then also the extremely minor issue of having to triple-click (to mark a link in the log) and then right-click > Open link in a new tab, instead of just right-clicking and opening in a new tab, lol.

    Conclusion: Unless something happens, or my initial readings when it comes to performance turn out to be incorrect, I will be using UBO from now on, as about the only adventage ABP would have over UBO at that point would be the fact that it has more verbose instructions for what different variables do when setting up a new custom filter and/or pattern, for example.

    Which of course can be mitigated by learning what the different symbols do, and something I most likely will memorize in time, but come on, ain't nobody got the time for that, right?

    TL;DR: UB Origin has better performance, while AB Plus has a slightly better (or more integrated) UI (and slightly more "casual"-user-friendly too).
  • Love it.
  • Me gustaría aprender más sobre sus ventajas
  • Good
  • Отлично! Забыл уже, когда видел надоедливую рекламу.
  • So far now I don't get those anoiing adds.
  • The best add block that i have ever seen
  • I like the interface and ability to block elements :)
  • 很好用,但手机上用时间长了就会失效,需要重新安装浏览器和插件
  • Does a much better job than other ad blockers and goes even further. It also requires less resources than others. This add-on is a definite must!
  • Does its job well.
  • Es bueno
  • Thank you
  • Adblock初め数多く情弱じゃくながら色々試しましたがublock Originが一番優れてます。理由は一番パフォーマンス、ページ読み込み速い、サイト影響が無い(見れなくなる等)勿論フィルター増やせばメモリーは増えて重くなるはずですがOriginは広告、ウイルス、プライバシー、ソーシャル全て有効化でも7mb前後で驚愕!
  • Luv it on my phone and my laptop, even if it gets on my shoes.
  • Nice...
  • Ublock definitivamente el mejor
  • Molto bene. Grazie
  • One of THE best blockers available and I've used most of the "top blockers."
  • (1) The ON button disables current site or page. What about disabling it everywhere? I shouldn't have to go to Add-on Management every time I need to turn it off globally. (2) Adblock is clear on one thing: It will allow good ad practices if you tell it to. I don't want to leave every site I visit without ad revenue. Where's this option? (3) What about privacy? And what's the difference between "uBlock filters – Privacy​​​​​" and the Privacy section? What if I want to make it function like an open source Ghostery? These settings remind me of old Firefox... Does all this customization even serve a purpose? Please categorize settings by functions: Let users enable the functions they are looking for. Handpicking filters should come after the fact. (4) There's just an overall lack of documentation (What does Adblock Protector even do?). I'm not a basic user alright, but I'm no oracle either! What does all this stuff do? Clarity please! (end) All around, still not a replacement for Adblock, unfortunately. Potentially, yes. No denying that. Keep an eye on this addon.