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  • So incredible, works perfectly fine, now I can use it both on my phone and laptop without worrying about ads while surfing. It's so recommendable and i give it five stars.

  • 用的人这么多肯定不错

  • Bin zufrieden

  • don't browse the web without it

  • De momento el mejor

  • 介意能力

  • Best ads blocker!

  • weg met die rot reclames! jihaaaa!

  • Kill intrusive ads!

  • Impeccable

  • Please can you change the element selection mode in Firefox to make it look like Google Chrome? In Google Chrome I can see the web page in dark colors when I picking out web page zones to add them to my personal filters as you can see in this catch:


    Not so in Firefox, where I can not see the background of the web nor the red rectangle of selection of elements, instead it looks all white.

    EDIT: Was my fault, I had activated an style from Stylish which it was the culprit.

  • Love itt

  • I like it.

  • Efficace

  • Blockiert am besten

  • Excelente, rápido y eficaz. Muchas gracias.

  • Must have

  • Ok

  • 比较好用。

  • A Brilliant AD Blocker! Lightweight, Uses less CPU, Memory. Blocks facebook ads like a charm!(which others don't) I have used other famous ad blockers out there but they are not what they tell they are!!

  • good

  • This is a good extension as far as i know.

  • Ottimo programma blocca bene le pubblicità

  • All and all it is the best ad blocker, period..There is only one little, annoying glitch that irritates me..After every browser restart, the icon disappears and the add-on becomes inaccessible..It still works, still blocks ads and all, but I just can't access any settings such as disable on specific site..And it is not in the customize section either so I can drag and drop it again..Please fix this..Thank you very much..

  • Easy