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  • Adblock初め数多く情弱じゃくながら色々試しましたがublock Originが一番優れてます。理由は一番パフォーマンス、ページ読み込み速い、サイト影響が無い(見れなくなる等)勿論フィルター増やせばメモリーは増えて重くなるはずですがOriginは広告、ウイルス、プライバシー、ソーシャル全て有効化でも7mb前後で驚愕!
  • Luv it on my phone and my laptop, even if it gets on my shoes.
  • Nice...
  • Ublock definitivamente el mejor
  • Molto bene. Grazie
  • One of THE best blockers available and I've used most of the "top blockers."
  • (1) The ON button disables current site or page. What about disabling it everywhere? I shouldn't have to go to Add-on Management every time I need to turn it off globally. (2) Adblock is clear on one thing: It will allow good ad practices if you tell it to. I don't want to leave every site I visit without ad revenue. Where's this option? (3) What about privacy? And what's the difference between "uBlock filters – Privacy​​​​​" and the Privacy section? What if I want to make it function like an open source Ghostery? These settings remind me of old Firefox... Does all this customization even serve a purpose? Please categorize settings by functions: Let users enable the functions they are looking for. Handpicking filters should come after the fact. (4) There's just an overall lack of documentation (What does Adblock Protector even do?). I'm not a basic user alright, but I'm no oracle either! What does all this stuff do? Clarity please! (end) All around, still not a replacement for Adblock, unfortunately. Potentially, yes. No denying that. Keep an eye on this addon.
  • Lightweight and powerful.
  • It's a very powerful addon and easy to use for both novices and power users. Has a large number of lists and an easy UI.
  • Easy
  • The best ad-blocking software you can get for Firefox. There is no debate. It's faster and more efficient than any other ad-blocker so much so that you will likely notice the difference on a lesser powered machine.
  • exxelente complemento que gran ayuda. gracias.
  • Einfach gut übersichtlich
  • No review at this time!
  • Super
  • Best blocker there is! Lightweight, simple setup, easy to configure. A+
  • I'be been sent all over the place an still don't have it
  • Una genial extensión
    Filtra un montón de publicidades
    Muy útil y recomendado
  • gr8 addon must have it.
  • Works perfectly​
  • 很不错
  • Od dwóch dni nie blokuje reklam na www.wp.pl (Wirtualna Polska). Bardzo proszę o poprawkę.
  • Unfortunately It Blocks Twitter sharing. Got sick of trying to find out how to unblock it globally.