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  • Works. Free. Can't complain.
  • ..who created this add-on. Seriously. I was an adblock lite user once but uBlock is so much more reliable and lightweight (compare with memory-usage add-on) and seems to do much more than just blocking ads. Hope the developer won't allow any huge cooperation to sell him out and sell his add-on, as seems to have happened with adblocker (an adblocker which started to, well, allow ads, wtf?)
    There is 1 thing I'd like to give feedback on, for Dutch users: national banking site abnamro.nl isn't functional with ublock as login for internet banking is blocked/corrupted/not visible. So abnamro guests need to switch off (or adjust) uBlock to prevent web site breakage.
    I could see the site fine with default settings/lists. However I found that if I enable the "Fanboy’s Enhanced Tracking" list, the site no longer renders properly.

    If you enabled that filter list, you will have to report the issue to the maintainers of that filter list:

    Many filters in "Fanboy Enhanced Tracking" are causing the issue, so a counter-filter to fix the issue would be:

    More generally, any issue with a web sites is pretty much always a filter issue, not an issue with uBO itself, and you need to report such issue to filter list maintainers for it to be fixed for all.
  • удобен, не грузит систему
  • Eccezionale, leggero, personalizzabile e funziona. La soluzione che cercavo. Meglio dei famosi adguard e adblock plus
  • Leve e eficiente.
  • Thanks for all
  • Fast and efficient.
  • Does what is ment to di
  • Simple to use and fast
  • Kiválóan végzi a dolgát szerintem.
  • Keren. .
  • Mantap
  • کارکرد عالی دارد
  • Very nice addons. Thanks to develop this plugin!
  • I miss those ads....
  • 超爽
  • 好用
  • Перешел на этот блокоровщик с adblock plus, из за тормозов последнего. Вот уже как пару месяцев без тормозов, очень доволен. Рекомендую.
  • ブラウザの表示が軽くて、快適になりました。広告ま出なくなり、画面が見やすいです。
  • Nice one.. Thank you
  • Love UBlock and giving it 5 stars, but one problem is that on Zero Hedge dot com it freezes Firefox when I am at a ZH article giving thumbs up and down clicks on comments. Yet, if I disable UBlock to alleviate the freezing, then I have the "Sponsored Stories" ads in the middle of the articles. What to do.
  • 好插件
  • Excellent
  • При включённом ublock origin не получается зайти на about:support.Пожалуйста исправьте.
  • update: fixed, many thanks to the dev :)
    You can use the dev build for now, it's fixed, see https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases

    Another way is to add "extensions.ublock0.shortcuts.launch-element-zapper" in about:config, and set it to an empty string.