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  • This extension has worked great for me for a long time. HOWEVER, as of around April 17, 18, 19 or so, a new code from Facebook has caused this extension to prevent all the links in Facebook from working. I hope that in an update (?) of uBlock it will work all right again. I tried disabling a lot of other extensions I use. In this case it was uBlock that was causing the problem. It's a great extension, and I'm betting it will be fixed soon.
  • This is the best, it's much more than an adblocker, on a larger computer you don't care too much about cpu and memory usuage. So you hit the dashboard and set up all the fanboy and associated tracking / malware / spam and annoyance addons. You'll get warnings if any site has been tagged by them, could be you need to update something like Ccleaner and you're re-directed to a download site. This will warn you of bundleware or tracking, so you're reminded best thing to do is go to the offical site to download. It will at times warn you of sites you're used to, the sort that say you need to download the latest flash, when you already have it. You can simply ignore the warning, and of course tell the download page to exit quickly :-)
  • ¡Exelente!!
  • Best blocker out there!
  • Nice
  • Spy.
  • By far the best ad-blocker. Relatively lightweight with the most filters and configuration options. But can you please block ads on Twitch?
  • Right now is the best. Small, efficient and dont make browser slow.
  • Très heureuse tant que ça fonctionnait (j'aurais mis 5 étoiles), mais je découvre ce matin que uBlock n'apparaît plus sur mon navigateur, je constate que les deux versions ne sont pas (plus ?) compatibles. Malheureusement je ne peux pas acheter un nouvel ordinateur pour bénéficier de la dernière version de FF... :-(
    Galère !
  • Can't stop the logger sidebar from opening up everytime I open the browser. Incredibly obnoxious, going back to adblock.
  • The best--also works great on mobile
  • Ggggg
  • the best