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  • Blockiert perfekt! Besser als alle anderen, die ich installiert hatte. Sowas bräuchte man für´s Fernsehen!!
  • Excelente, me fascina este chico
  • uBlock Origin is one of the best addons that has been created for browsing the inter-webs advertisement free.
  • Thank you, Raymond Hill :)
  • The problem that originally prompted me to leave a 3 star review is a new issue. I don't normally leave reviews in a case like this. I rather choose to contact the developer or support to resolve an issue. I was unaware how to contact the developer until they responded to the review.

    When the issue is fixed or I am instructed how to fix it, I have no doubt uBlock Origins will work great again and I will continue to use it. It's a 5 star worthy add-on in my experience.
    It's just a filter list issue, please just report to filter list maintainers:

    - https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uAssets/issues
    - https://forums.lanik.us/viewforum.php?f=64

    uBO uses filter list to do its job, filter list maintainers create filters according to issues reported to them.
  • Excellent and thanks
  • Ohne Einschränkung zu empfehlen

    Mit ein paar Einstellungen richtig mächtig - aber muss man nicht. Mit Standarteinstelllungen schon ein sehr guter Ad & Trackingblocker.

    + gute eng. Doku ("Kuketz ublock Firefox" - 1. Link in der Suchmaschiene)

    + kann ABP & NoScript ersetzen

    + mit uMatrix unschlagbare Kombo

    Dürfte ich nur ein einziges Addon nutzen wäre es uBO!
  • 精選擴充套件當之無愧...
  • Fa quello che promette, direi ottimo e leggero. Ne ho provati tanti per me n.1
  • Better than adblock plus! :D
  • If you can download a single add-on. Download this one.
  • Love it.
  • nice
  • ok
  • Excellent bloqueur de pub ! Avec la possibilité de rajouter des filtres :) ! Il est léger rapide et efficace !
    Pouvez vous rajouter un filtre spécial permettant de désactiver javascript automatiquement sur les site à risque ou qui n'utilise pas javascript ?? Ce que je veux dire c'est qu'il y a des site infecter qui ce servent du javascript pour attaquer...
  • ดี
  • Toptier adblocker. :ok_hand:
  • It can be block the Ad. but dead for anti-ad blocker.
    It seems to not possible or not easy to fight anti-ad block with this plugin.
  • I enjoy wwatching vids uninterrupted and dose the job right
  • Better than ADBLOCK. Enough said.
  • es un exelente boquedor de publicidad y muy rapido
  • Thank you!!!
  • Beste ADBlocker App überhaupt.
  • Awesome adblocker (and more). I'm using medium/hard mode and it can also selectively block scripts or frames per sites. So useful and doesn't need uMatrix.

    I can't browse the web without this addon! Thank you for creating this.
  • a little more and they would ask me to tell my innter secrets.. i mean... wtf??!! why so many requirements??!! fucker!!