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  • ok
  • Super teil, wäre nur schön wenn man verschiedene Agent-Profile für verschiedene Webseiten spezfifizieren könnte.
  • Use a specific user agen for a particular site, automatically switch to a specific user agen when visiting this site。。为特定的网站使用特定的ua,当访问这个网站的时候自动切换到设定的ua。
  • 这是5星吗
  • 当指定一个网站的ua后。当访问这个网站时候自动切换到设定的ua,而不是去手动修改。谢谢
    Sorry I don't speak any Chinese…
    Are you refering to per-site User-Agent switching? That is currently the most asked for feature. It will be implemented once we know how to show it in the user interface. It shouldn't take too long, but we will see.

  • Please add Windows/Firefox string too and would be even great if there were Windows 7 and 8 versions too.
    Thanks for your feedback! However I'm not quite sure what you mean: Isn't the first entry in the "Desktop" section "Windows / Firefox 56" for you?

    Adding new User-Agents for different Windows versions is unlikely to happen as they are IMHO not sufficiently different from the existing entries to justify making the list longer than it already is. There also is currently unresolved question on how to keep the list from becoming stale without too much reoccurring labour.
  • This is a great extension, does what it says on the box and the random mode is a nice touch. But it needs more user agents, different OSes and browsers, especially if using the random mode for decreased trackability online.
  • Works
  • Muy útil
  • Very good also for android
  • Very user friendly, nice design, no useless permissions
  • This add-on should be perfect if there is an option that allows me to select websites to switch user agent.

    For example, I have a following list: "facebook.com, youtube.com". And I want the add-on to only change the user agent when I surf these website. Websites that aren't in the list will not be affected by the add-on.

    Could you do it?
  • Needs custom color setting for the menu, or a global day/night switch. I'm using dark dev theme and this is what addon's menu looks like.

    P.S. Don't have gitlab account and I'm not a developer myself, so can't test xpi. Firefox 59.0b9 64bit, dark dev theme, win 10 with dark theme.
    Hmm… Looks like you are being bitten by my workaround for dark themes there…

    Could you please test this quick test hack and see if it works better in your case:

    Also please state which operating system, desktop environment & browser version your are using. If applicable also add information about your system desktop theme.

    To respond please open an issue on https://gitlab.com/alexander255/user-agent-switcher/issues as I will not receive any notifications when you update your review. Thanks!
  • Fortunately found this working replacement for random agent spoofer; works as advertised, nice UI, a couple more user agent strings to choose from would be nice (for both privacy and debugging purposes), but all in all great job
  • The recent update that lets us organize ua is a great addition. The simplicity to edit is superb, the copy and paste makes it easy to quickly update user agents. The UA sticks between restarts. beats the hell out of the ugly and confusing interface of UAS and it's bloated xml files.

    I think the only feature now I would request would be to assign a user agents to a website e.g:
    visit google.com -> spoof as Chrome
    visit bing.com -> spoof as Edge
    Hi! Thanks for your feedback!

    Although I do not currently plan on adding per-site User-Agent switching, it would still be very helpful if you could outline some details on how you would expect such a feature to interact with the rest of User-Agent switcher. I'd be particularily interested in UI mockups and user stories (short step-by-step descriptions on what exactly you would expect to do [in terms of interaction with the extension] in order to achieve your goal). Please add any feedback to the existing issue:

  • webextension + multiprocess = good. Works as expected. Thank you.
  • Works perfectly. It's pretty easy to add custom UA. So easy to use, simple UI and pretty powerful. All stars I'll give to you for your hard work. The new random user agent feature just make this addon even more powerful. And dev is pretty helpful, if you ever encounter any issues or maybe just want to send feedbacks, just post it on the gitlab (http://bit.ly/2wpyVdR) and he will help you as soon as he can. Keep up the great work, dude!
  • Easy to use
  • Brillian fork, brilliant. Keep up the great work, mister.
    Thanks! :-)