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  • Ottima.
  • Perfect
  • I needed to access a website that tells me that my Firefox browser on a (Ubuntu) Linux host is not supported, and the site refused access. Thanks to User-Agent Switcher the site now thinks I am a MacOS box with Safari, and gives me access. Awesome. Thank you.
  • 相当好用的扩展, 不过也希望优化一下, 可以在选定模式后, 隐藏模式选择框, 并自动刷新当前页面, 这样体验感更好.
  • 安装不上啊
  • Solved my instagram problem. How do I activate dark theme tho?
    Thanks for the feedback! There never was an explicit dark theme option, instead CSS system colors were used to provide this effect. Unfortunately, Firefox disabled that feature in version 61+ so it's always been defacto hard-coded to black-on-white since then.
    Thanks to your suggestion I have already implemented a working prototype that will instead automatically adapt to the color of the currently enabled theme. I hope to publish that soon.