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  • Works like a charm and is open source but it would be nice to add an option to automatically switch to a different user agent on certain websites instead of doing that manually
  • Don't use this addon ! I use proxy to connect Internet. The proxy was set up in my personal vps .This addon secretly upload shellcode to my vps and control my personal vps to browser google adsence's ad . So this addon's coder can make money . You can choose "user-agent switcher and manager"(which have the same function but 30 times smaller size. ) to replace this fu*king sh*t !
    Cool, I didn't even know the extension could do that. Like magic that thing. 😉
    (On a more serious note: Are even aware how “uploading shell code” works? Are you aware that, as a browser extension, I can only send HTTP requests? Are you aware that this extension does not even have permission to read your browser's proxy settings? Calm down, dude…)
  • Super, wystarczy podac sie za boota google i mozna przegladac strony bez prenumeraty
  • The most powerful user agent script I've tried
  • It help me with STUPID SPOTIFY drop support for non-quantum last version of Firefox
  • Update "Mozilla Firefox" to version 66.
    (((Screenshot ➜ http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/Ashampoo_Snap_12maya2019g.1557639594.png
    As it is made in another addition
    (((Screenshot ➜ http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/Ashampoo_Snap_12maya2019g.1557639603.png
    There are websites where newer version of the browser is already required...
    "You use the irrelevant version of the browser"
    (((Screenshot ➜ http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/Ashampoo_Snap_12maya2019g.1557641931.png
    And after your updates of addition the situation in the browser does not change in a root, Firefox 61 is already outdated. It would be time to update till 66-67 the version.
    Обновите "Mozilla Firefox" до версии 66.
    (((Скриншот ➜ http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/Ashampoo_Snap_12maya2019g.1557639594.png
    Как сделано это в другом дополнение
    (((Скриншот ➜ http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/Ashampoo_Snap_12maya2019g.1557639603.png
    Есть сайты где уже требуется более новая версия браузера...
    "Вы используете неактуальную версию браузера"
    (((Скриншот ➜ http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/Ashampoo_Snap_12maya2019g.1557641931.png
    И после ваших обновлений дополнения ситуация в браузере не меняется в корне, Firefox 61 является уже устаревшим. Пора бы обновить до 66-67 версии.
    P.S. (((Three days later.
    Alexander, thanks for the help in settings, it turned out to dump.
    Screenshot ➜ http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/Ashampoo_Snap_15maya2019g.1557929062.png
    Have you modified the list of User-Agents by any chance (*User-Agent Switcher* Icon → *Settings…*)? At the moment new updates to the list will not be merged automatically. You need to restore the default list using the “Restore defaults” link at the bottom of the settings page to get the most recent changes, this will reset any modifications of yours and you'll have to re-add those after the reset.
  • No longer actively maintained. Bug reports are responded to with requests for "donations to motivate the author".
    No true! It is actively *maintained*, I'm just unlikely to add new features without sufficient motivation at this point (maintenance ≠ feature development). ;-)
    (Obviously I will accept patches for any of the requested features, so feel free donate your time if money isn't available to you!)
  • Compatible with Waterfox! Very customisable and powerful add-on, allowing selecting a specific agent for each visited domain. It has two different interfaces, one more "user friendly" and another more "programmer friendly". One problem I noticed is, aside from PlayFlash add-on, which contains Adobe's FlashPlayer DLL inside, this is the biggest add-on on the bunch! A previous version was 8 MB in size (about 41 MB unpacked!!!), current is half of that (4 MB / 21 MB), all because of one single utility, "deps/browscap.js", which has a huge cache of hundreds (!!!) of files with what look like site "id" codes, which may be completely removed without breaking the add-on (just delete all the hundreds files from deps/browscap cache in the XPI file and install the add-on).

    EDIT: I guessed the huge cache was for self identification (browser, OS etc.), but didn't take the time to check enough of the code. There could be a "light version" without that functionality. Other agent switching add-ons lack one or all the other features of this one, like domain specific selection, fully customizable agent strings and easy pop-up selection of strings. Anyway, thanks for replying! I appreciated the attention!
    Thank you for your review! The “huge cache of hundreds (!!!) of files […], which may be completely removed” are in fact used to generate sensible values for the `navigator.*` browser identification values. Parsing information like operating system, CPU type, device type, … is not a simple affair as there are no standards at all – one just has to guess based on the COMMENT parts of the User-Agent string. Fortunately the BrowsCap project has maintained a list of matching patterns for figuring out this information since 1997 that is extremely reliable. As such, I will continue using it even if it means bloating the extension size by about 3MiB. The fact that it allows everything to just work out-of-the-box with just a single input value (the User-Agent string itself) definitely outweighs that, by comparison small, price.
    I would like to think that, if you don't need this complete level of emulation, then you may use just about any of the other User-Agent switching extensions because – to my knowledge this capability is unique to this extension.
    - Alexander
  • Very good extension, but too sad the recent version have stopped working with Firefox. I hope this bug can be fixed if possible. :)

    The newest version can be installed on a old version of Firefox (using version 56 myself) by going to this url: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1549017

    Follow the instruction written on the 3rd and 5th comment. 3rd:

    "Full Procedure:

    Go to about:support in the URL bar.
    Open your profile directory.".....

    5th comment:

    I prefer the temporary fix that I outlined here:


    A temporary workaround:...

    Thanks the ones with the ideas, not me. :)
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  • Ótimo complemento. Por favor faça uma versão para Google Chrome também. Obrigado pelo ótimo complemento.
    Thank you for your review! Unfortunately a Chrome version of this extension is not planned. You can find my full reply to this, as well as donation link for making this feature happen, at this link: https://gitlab.com/ntninja/user-agent-switcher/issues/46#note_166783499

    =============== Simplified Portuguese translation ===============

    Obrigado pela sua opinião! Não está prevista uma versão cromada desta extensão. A minha resposta completa pode ser lida aqui (Inglês): https://gitlab.com/ntninja/user-agent-switcher/issues/46#note_166783499 (Também tem um link de doação.)