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  • Add-on is super! Perfectly hides information, except whatleaks ...;) I wish good luck!
  • So easy to use, unless you have a serious brain disability but in this case you should be in a specialized hospital (yep a read some 1 star reviews = UNBELIEVABLE about why they put 1 star!!!)

    A top of the line add-on, strongly recommended!

    Yes sure we would like more options in the user agent or more operating system and browsers choices, but it's just to be able to put more mess with websites who spy on us... I got an idea why not an input where we can input a "home made" user-agent ROTFL hahaha ;)

    In all case this add-on spoof very well Instagram to upload pictures from your desktop computer, just select any smartphone, reload the page and you are set with the + tab/button at the bottom!!

    Thanks a lot Alexander Schlarb, it's very good add-on
    Thanks for the nice comment! :-)
  • Great addon, but not possible to see/edit custom domain rules, without visiting the site.
    See https://gitlab.com/ntninja/user-agent-switcher/issues/44 – I'd apprechiate a code/monatary donation for this.
  • Kenapa pas buka layarnya hitam ga ada tulisanya😬
    Sorry. I'm not familiar with Indonesian/Malay. Do you see a black screen? Du you see a permission error? Please write short and simple sentences. This will make translation work better.


    Maaf. Saya tidak terbiasa dengan bahasa Indonesia / Melayu. Apakah Anda melihat layar hitam? Apakah Anda melihat kesalahan izin? Tolong tulis kalimat pendek dan sederhana. Ini akan membuat penerjemahan bekerja lebih baik.


    Maaf. Saya tidak biasa dengan bahasa Indonesia / Melayu. Adakah anda melihat skrin hitam? Du anda melihat ralat kebenaran? Sila tulis ayat pendek dan mudah. Ini akan menjadikan kerja penterjemahan lebih baik.
  • Doesn't include instructions on how to use it.
  • It's easy to use, very intuitive, and lightweight. That's all I care about, it's a damn UA switcher.
  • How do I use this? There is no icon at all in the toolbar.
  • Congrats - Good work ! Got a safe spot in my most essential add-ons. Perfect to test compatibility of all sorts of pages ! Keep it maintained pls. ;)
  • no me gusto al no tener una lista de agentes antiguos pues esa es una funcion muy buena por ejemplo IE6