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  • This extension is simple and great, love it -- except Amazon 2FA not currently working. There's a bug report on github. Hope it's fixed soon!
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  • fonctionne très bien dans l'ensemble mais ne fonctionne pas avec la clef Amazon qui fait 52 carractére
  • This works perfectly. I don't have any complaint about it.
    Only I'd hope that it will develop soon to somehow let us encrypt the secret keys, maybe creating some kind of user locally (to login once every session as the browser is opened). That would be amazing!

    Updated review. June 2019

    Mozilla doesn't allow new comments, so I have to edit this same review.
    Now this wonderful add-on has encryption and it works good, except for one thing:
    For some reason when I type my password on the add-on, it doesn't hide the letters. It should show only asteriks (*) but it doesn't.
    It is a problem. I don't want people around me to know what's the password of my authenticator. Now I must look around and type when I believe no one is looking at the screen.
    Nontheless, when I enter the preferences page of the extension (in the firefox administration page for add-ons), there it does hide my letters and shows only asteriks...
    I've downgraded the rating to three stars, but when this is solved I will upgrade it to five again. This little extension is lovable.
  • Really simple to use and effective. I tested other addons before, but none run enterely fine or was tricky to use. But this one es simply easy to make run :)

    Great work! And thanks!
  • If you are looking for an add-on work the same way that Google authenticator app works so this is what you need.