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  • Used to work fine, but since update I can not use and am locked out of the sites I used it for..

    19/02/19 - I don't seem to be able to reply to your comment below so have edited this post instead.

    I have no idea which update, I had not used my laptop for a while. All I know is when I tried to use this it says there are no sites configured. I am unable to access the sites I used it for. When I attempted to roll back to a previous version it removed the add-on completely from my browser. I am using Firefox 65.0 atm.
    Since which update? There hasn't been an update in the last 2 months. What version of Firefox are you on? Does rolling back to the previous version fix it?
  • I had to use another app, because i could not re-sync the time with this extension and the keys where failing ...
    I love the simplicity of this app though
  • После ввода пароля на все действия, ввести код не успеваю. Пришлось откатиться на старую версию. Экспорт ключей со старой версией не работает. Не надо менять, то что работает.
  • SUPER!!! С биржей KuCoin, по крайней мере, точно работает!
    Big thanx!
  • great extension!
  • It does not require any special permission. Wow! ... I feel safe using this extension.

    It's simple, it's what it takes, great

    Thank you very much
  • simple and you get to control everything :D
    love it
    Quality extension. Thank you :D
  • everything
  • 非常好用
  • Perfect functionality! Allows me to log into my Wordpress sites with two factor authorization without having to use my phone every time. Smooths out my work-flow. Recommended.
  • works fine (using firefox 60)
  • Great, simple and useful. Waiting for version with encrypted keys to add whole range of my 2FA keys.
  • Really great extension, thanks for it :-)
    Just a little thing I think should be improved is about color of fonts when using a dark theme, because black on nearly black, it's not easy to read ;-)
    For the rest, works like a charm. Keep the good work :-)
  • Great addon. Does exactly what it claims to do, and discretely. Thanks.
  • When encryption is added I'll change rating for this because the whole point of 2 factor is security!
  • Fantastic, i've decided i can't workflow without it.
    The extension is open source under the MIT license. The source code is available at https://github.com/rayquaza01/authenticator

    The extension does not phone home; everything the extension does is handled locally.
  • Simple and great!!!
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