33 reviews
  • Um... twiiter already has this... smh
  • Perchè non sapevo più dove sbattere la testa, visto che Stylish non funziona più con Firefox Quantum,
  • buena extensión
  • No effect on mobile.twitter.com
  • not compatible with firefox on android
  • Exactly what I want.
  • Very good. Thank you for this!
  • I really like this add-on, but I can only give you a 4 star rating since it's not dark enough for my taste. I'd like to see it in black. Any plans for a dark (black) theme for Facebook?
  • Ok
  • excellent
  • Looks exactly like the android version, perfect!
  • Ty
  • Otherwise it's good!
  • Doesn't allow customization in the any of the items it affects for the themes color options. Which makes items that do not contrast well presently, hard to see in the preset version. Change those items or allow customization and I change my vote to 5x5
  • Gefällt mir
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